November 21

A Christmas Carol, My Life in Ruins & New Moon…

I took the kid’s to see this movie to take a break from the house last Wednesday & on a good day that we were feeling somewhat good!

A Christmas Carol

I really enjoyed the movie, my son who is in Grade 1 really didn’t care, there is quite a bit of talking in the beginning & so instantly it didn’t really capture my son’s attention & of course he has no idea what the storey is really about.

It did have some scary parts but, nothing that kept my kid’s from going to bed as soon as they got home!

I look forward to it coming out on DVD so I can watch it again when my son isn’t so restless & I’d like to see it in 3-D.

We watched My Life in Ruins on DVD last weekend, what a funny, funny movie, has anyone else seen it? I absolutely love My Big Fat Greek Wedding so I was excited to see this but, it doesn’t take much these days!


and last but, not least I took my daughter to see New Moon tonight. It was definately better than Twilight & had some great scenes in it & boy oh boy is Jacob ever a BAD ASS werewolf not to mention a little hottie!!! I’m sure all the teens are drooling over him in a big way!

Can’t wait for the next movie which I believe I heard rumours of June 2010 release date.

New Moon

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  1. By Christy on

    Ok…so let’s be honest…it’s not just the teens who are drooling over Jacob! YUMMMMMY!

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