June 13

A week in pictures, starting with a wedding…

Hello everyone! OK, so here is the truth down & dirty!!! I’m probably not going to get alot of scrapbooking or cardmarking done this summer, I can already see myself not being very productive, I have alot going on this summer & so I think I’m just going to back off blogging for the summer, I might posts pics every once in a while or say Hi! to say that I am indeed around still but, other than than please don’t “expect” anything else from me! I hope you will still come & visit & that you don’t unsubscribe from my subscription (I mean it doesn’t take any room to keep me does it???), and truth be told I seem to have misplaced my mojo & I’m having a heck of a time locating it again, I don’t even feel like “shopping”…sick eh!!!

So on that note here are some pics I’ve taken this week.

Last weekend I flew to Vancouver for a friend’s wedding, I have known Liz & her 2 sisters for a very, very long time, Liz is the youngest of the 3 but only by 363 days!

I stayed with my best friend Kara & we went to the Reception on Saturday at the church & than drove downtown Vancouver for the Reception at the Vancouver Law Courts, we had about 3 1/2 hours to “waste”, so we had lunch at Red Robins on the patio on Robson Street & chatted, than we strolled Robson Street (just like the good ol’ days!), it is crazy, busy down there, too much for me now!

The beautiful bride with her Dad & Mom.

Gorgeous dress.

The vows.

The happy couple.

Table setting using the bride’s color theme.

The wedding cake.

Liz & Mark’s signature drink (and let me tell you it was “strong”)!!!

Candle centrepieces.

The wedding party table.

Wedding favors.

Appetizer accompanied by a portuguese bun.

I could only eat 2 pieces of this lovely steak (beacause I didn’t take a pic of the meal before this one which was pasta & seafood).

Wedding cake & fruit, the meal was absolutely delicious but, overwhelming, sooooooo much food!

Wedding party on bride’s side.

Gorgeous Liz.

2 Portuguese families = 1 big wedding & party with lots of food, booze & dancing!

The wedding was absolutely amazing, from the ceremoney to the reception, every last detail was thought of.

Liz and her husband celebrate her 35th birthday today by heading off to the Mediterranean for their honeymoon…have fun guys!

Isn’t this the craziest car you have ever seen, this was parked on Robson Street and was quite the tourist attraction.

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  1. By Shawn on

    WOW that sure did look like you had fun!! or at least the wedding was fun!
    I hope that you have a great summer.. will check every couple days for updates..
    I totally understand about mojo.. mine is missing too.. maybe they are off partying somewhere together??!!

  2. By Kara on

    Those pics turned out awesome Chelle! Nice job – if you go on FB, there is a pic of all of us – go through Liz’s and look for Katie – then she has uploaded some pics but there is a group photo of the b’s!

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