June 11

Ballet Recital Pictures…

Taylor before recital picsTaylor after makeupTaylor having funTaylor close up sidewaysTaylor as a beeTaylor close up beeTaylor full bee costume

My daughter had her ballet recital pictures yesterday, she is having her recital at the Jack Singer Hall next weekend, she is performing in her group which is called “Honey”. There are 11 girls and 1 boy in her group and they are all dressed up as bees!

We were told to buy gold eyeshadow, black eyeliner and orange lipstick for lips and cheeks, no instructions on what to do with it! and curl their hair (we cut her hair off about 1 mos ago). I’m a first time Mom with a daughter in ballet so I had no IDEA what I was doing, after a couple of phone calls I had an idea! It was very hard to find orange lipstick, I bought something close, well yesterday on our way to her pictures I decided to stop at a new make up / hair place called Glamour Secrets hoping to find something a little more “orange” in color, well the young girl there asked if I would like for her to do her make-up, I was a little hesitant, but, she said: “it’s quiet, and I won’t charge you…SOLD! Well I got lots of comments on her hair (which I did) and make-up, the owner / director said that she was perfect and looked beautiful.

It’s moments / events like this that really pull on my heart strings and make proud to be a Mommy!

We get the professional pictures back next weekend…I cannot wait.

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  1. By The KeARNEY'S on

    okay how cute is that little bumblebee.

  2. By Briggitte Reeves on

    OMG! She looks sooooo precious! Just reading your little blurb tonight got me all teary eyed! I can’t wait to see the next installment of photos Michelle.

  3. By Bobbi-Jo on

    She’s gorgeous! i was in dance for about 10 years, so this brings back a LOT of memories. SCORE on getting the free make up job! She looks amazing 0 and WOW those EYES! I can’t wait to get a glimpse of her prof. shots. Good job mom!

  4. By Kara on

    OMG! My niece is growing up!!!!! She looks so great! You did an awesome job on her hair and her makeup is terrific. Wish I could be there to see her in person! Give her a big hug and kiss from Aunty Kara. Love you all tons and tons!

  5. By Amber on

    Her make up is great – and she looks like such an angel!! So cute – and I’m glad that everything worked out for you!

  6. By Cheryl on

    How adorable! Love the curly hair. Thankfully, when my oldest dd (now 9) was in dance (from age 4-8), we didn’t have to do anything but pull the hair back in a bun and use mascara, natural colored eyeshadow and blush and red lipstick. I would have never been able to do the curly hair with my dd’s thick hair!

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