January 19

Blog Candy…

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It’s blog candy time! I was going to do this a while ago, but, you know how it goes!

Up for grabs:

3 Brand New Bella Stamps (Bellarina, Minivanabella & Tinkerbella) and some Bella Baubles (click here if you don’t know what these awesome baubles are)

If you don’t know which ones these are or haven’t heard of Bella’s before (ya right!) than click here.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post answering the question: “What do you do with ALL THE CARDS YOU MAKE?” Do you give them away or hoard them!??? donate them???? You have till Monday January 21st at 9AM MST to answer. Don’t forget to tell everyone & anyone that might be interested in winning some fun Bella’s!

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Posted January 19, 2008 by Michelle in category "Blog Candy

About the Author

My name is Michelle Nadraszky and I live in Calgary, AB CANADA, I am originally from Vancouver, BC but have been in Calgary now for 9 years. I am a Stay at Home Mom to 2 beautiful kids...Taylor who is 6 1/2 and Jaiden who is 3 years old. I have been married to Billy for 8 years. I work part-time in a Call Centre. I have been a Stampin' Up! demonstrator for 2 1/2 years. I love everything about Stampin' Up! - I am highly addicted to it! I have been stamping and scrapbooking for about 4 years now and I am constantly amazed by the talent that I see on a daily basis. Besides Cardmaking, Scrapbooking and Papercrafting I love to watch reality TV, Grey's Anatomy, ER, Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives and Miami Ink (I personally have 5 tattoos)!


  1. By Lori Ryde on

    I mostly hord mine cause I never think they are good enough to send. I do send out Christmas cards and the odd child’s birthday card but other than that I keep em all!!

  2. By Jennifer on

    I give them away, I sell them, I look at them over and over because they make me happy. I try not to hoard them though…really I do!

  3. By Deb Pearce on

    Well….I have to say that I seem to be “hoarding” them a bit lately. It’s really time for me to go through them and either use them or give them as gift packages!

  4. By MelissaS on

    I try to give them away, keeping a small stash for RAKS and emergencies. It seems a shame not to share them! Thanks for the chance at awesome bella candy! I’ll be adding you to my Google reader 🙂

  5. By Val S on

    For the most part, I give all the cards that I make away. There are a couple that I do sort of “hoard” but if I don’t send them away, I give them away as little gifts.

  6. By Tineke on

    I don’t make that much cards….Most of them are sent to friends and family, sometimes I sell some. I scan all my cards before they leave!

  7. By Erika K. on

    I give most of them away, but do keep the ones that I am especially fond of for future creative inspiration! I have a very hard time letting some of them go! 🙂

  8. By Ellie Augustin on

    Well actually at first when I started to make my cards (I just started really a couple of months ago) I would just keep them cause I thought OH gosh I can’t give them away because I didn’t think they were that good but little by little I’ve started to think I make this cards because these are expressions of me and I make them w/all my love and even if they aren’t the best cards I made them w/lots of love.. SO off they go 🙂 Plus its so nice to see a person’s face light up when I tell them I made the card EXTRA Bonus 🙂

  9. By Ros on

    Hi there. I’m trying very hard to give my cards away instead of hoarding them. They’re not doing any good sitting in a box! My children have used some lately as thankyou cards for xmas presents. But yes, I also find it hard to let some of them go!
    I’d love to win some Bella stamps, as I don’t have any. Thanks for the offer.

  10. By Kelly W on

    I LOVE MY BELLA’s! I usually give them away by donating them to a fundraiser for my church. The occasional time I will send them out… I know I am bad!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. By Sarah B on

    I give some of them away and hoard the rest! Then I end up giving groups of them away to others people for them to use… Thanks for the blog candy!

  12. By Cindy Coffman on

    I would love to have some Bella Stamps since I have none at all. I usually give the cards I make away…..especially at Christmas. Thanks for the opportunity at some wonderful blog candy!

    Cindy Coffman

  13. By Annelies on

    I only recently started cardmaking. I admit it hurt a little bit when I send the first ones out. It took a long time before they were finished and I liked them a lot so I wanted to keep them and be able to look back at what I created. But it seems so silly to have a closet full with cards when the intention is actually to give them away. So I did with most of my cards, but I also kept some of them.

  14. By katey on

    I would love to have some bella stamps.. I do giveaway my handmade cards to my family.. I dont really make lot cards but I just like to make card to give my family and they love it. I guess I should make more cards…

    thanks for the chance awesome Bella Stamps!

  15. By Jenny on

    I send out to family and friends, give some as gifts and occasionally sell a few. I used to hoard what was left, then I joined a pen pal group and that is no longer a problem! LOL! Jenny

  16. By Maria on

    I typically give them away. It seems like I don’t have enough time to just make ones to keep, so when I make one it has a purpose. I do have a few done up that I have hung on to for those just in case times though! Have a good day!

  17. By Chiara on

    Usually I give away the cards I created. I link them togheter with a present or I create them for a swap.

    I really love this blog candy! It’s a wonderful one.
    Thanks for the chance!


  18. By Kathy W on

    I give all my cards away, but I do take pictures of them first. I have family and friends that I send them to in addition to being a part of a birthday list for cardmakers. There is always somebody to send a card to! Thanks for the chance to win; I don’t have any bella stamps.

  19. By Suzanne on

    I give most of mine away at some point or another :} I may hoard for a little while, but I feel they are wasted if they sit around for too long….

  20. By Darlene LeMar on

    I do several things with the cards I make. Some are special orders so therefore are sold. I make several packages or all occasion cards as gifts for family and friends. Several are donated to the nursing home where my sister is the administrator. She uses them to give to residents throughout the year. Also some of the residents “borrow” from here to give to their own families. Darlene

  21. By Ghazal on

    I usually give them away, specially for birthdays. Love to have some bella stamps, I don’t have any yet. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. By Linda Peterson on

    I had been hoarding my cards, but now am sending one to everyone that needs one–anytime I see someone mentioned on a blog that needs a little extra, I send a card.

  23. By Nettystamps on

    OOOOOHHHH, Bellas…. I love them! And tinkerbella would be absolutely perfect for my daughter’s 13th birthday card…coming up soon! 🙂 And the baubles are tooooo precious! Okay, now onto your question! I mail out the cards that I make specifically for individuals…the ones I make in challenges and at classes I just save until the need for one arises. And some days (most days)when I realize I have forgotten somebody’s “something”, and they come in VERY handy and I am VERY thankful!!! LOL

  24. By Mary Puskar on

    Most I give to people. Some I keep. I try to make at least 2 of something I would like a copy of. Someday, I’m hoping to get enough inventory built up that I can sell some! Thanks for the great blog candy. It would be my first Bella!!!!!!!!
    Mary Puskar

  25. By Marcia on

    Hi Michelle

    Most of my cards I swap with friends, and some I keep for me….sometimes I make 2 of each, one to send and one to keep.
    I usually don’t sell my cards, they are made just for fun and relaxing.
    And I love sending card for no reason, not a swap, just to bring a smile to someone’s face!

    By the way, I love Bellas!!!!!!!


  26. By Rita on

    Oh, how I luv Bellas!!! Thanks for the chance. I luv to give my cards to family & friends. They luv to recieve them, I have also donated a few to the troops & yes, some of them I can not part with. Those are my favorites!!!

  27. By Bobbi-Jo on

    Mmmmmm – yummy candy! I LOVE to give handmade projects to friends, family, and even strangers! Okay, I sometimes keep a few around to make me smile. I usually take a photo (for the memory) then give, give away. I know how much I adore receiving RAKs, so I imagine that giving cards away, especially ones made from the heart, must really brighten someone else’s day. Why hold in all the sunshine?? 🙂

  28. By Nettie on

    Igive most away to friends and family but have an ER basket sitting in foyer for the taking to guest that may need a last minute card and want something personal.

    Thanks for chance to own some Bella stamps I wanted to try but haven’t made plunge yet.

  29. By Diane on

    I give all my cards away but I make sure I take a photo or scan them before I do that so I have a permanent record.
    I don’t have any Bella stamps but have been wanting to get my hands on some for awhile now. Thanks for the opportunity to win such wonderful blog candy.

  30. By Starr Mercer on

    I share the wealth and give ’em all away. I love getting hadmade cards, so I like to do the same for everyone else. Thanks for the candy!

  31. By Tamara on

    I usually hoard them til Christmas, then I make up gift boxes of cards for family members. And some are for swaps, so they get swapped. I also sell some throughout the year to family and friends for occaisions.

    🙂 Love the bellas!

  32. By Kerry on

    Great blog candy! I have TONS of cards in 3 photo boxes, probably well over 100. I either use them myself or sell them.

    Kerry Morgan

  33. By Mikesgal on

    My New Year’s resolution this year is to let the people I love know it. So,I’ve been trying to send mine to all the special people in my life. I write something meaningful in each one like a special memory from the past or how much that person means to me. It is really heartwarming to hear from the person I send the cards too. Thanks for the chance at your blog candy.

  34. By Mandy M on

    I usually send them out to family and friends. Occasionally I do hang on to my favorites until I run out of my stash and I have to send them! Even then, there are some I just can’t part with.

  35. By Nicole L on

    I love to make cards and give them all away to family and friends! Thanks for the chance at winning!
    Nicole L.

  36. By Brenda H. on

    Oh, I love Bellas…thanks for this chance to win sweet candy! I give away most of my cards…just keep a few of the best ones for inspiration.
    ~Brenda H.

  37. By Felicia Escalante on

    I used to hoard them. Now I go through them and switch out cards for samples for my customers. The ones that I’ve held onto for a very long time I will give to a friend who home schools and they always use them for the kids and parents within the homeschool group or for her church. She loves it when I donate them to her to send a little special wish someone else’s way.

  38. By Cathy M on

    Count me in on this sweet candy. What do I do with cards….I give the away and I keep some…ok alot of them. I don’t mean to keep them, it just happens.
    Thanks for a chance.

  39. By Linda SS on

    I don’t hoard…I make as needed for family and friends, and I donate to charities and give them to my cancer treatment center for their patients.

  40. By tyrymom29 on

    I give them away ….Try to send a RAK to someone at least once a week !!

  41. By Pat on

    I give most of mine away either as RAK or for a special occasion. I have donated some to a local women’s shelter. Thanks for sharing…I would love to own my own bella stamp.


  42. By paulaquiltgirl on

    I just started cardmaking so I haven’t hoarded a lot. But I do give them away. I send them. I give them as gifts to give out. Teachers love them as gifts. I donate them to fundraising auctions as well.

  43. By Sheila Staves on

    Some I design for specific people and give them away. I’ve sold one (so far), but most get held in reserve until a suitable occaision arises and then they are sent.

  44. By Angel on

    I send mine out eventually! I have 13 shoeboxes full of cards I have made and cards I have made from the cardfronts I had from being a demo. Whenever I need a card that’s where I go. I have not bought a store bought card in years!

  45. By Kristine on

    Most I give away, although lately I’ve started hoarding in hopes of selling some of my work.

  46. By Candi P on

    I do both. I hoard some. But I haven’t been able to just “create” in a while. Most has been specific for a reason, Birthday, Christmas etc.

  47. By Kim on

    I don’t make very many cards, the cards I make I give away to friends and family.

  48. By Debbie Fisher on

    I give them away and sell them both. I don’t own any Bella’s (though I have them on my wish lists!) and would love to be entered for this.
    PS: I subscribed to your blog too Ü

  49. By Denise Morgans on

    I mostly make my cards to sell and for my own use, so don’t usually have enough left to hoard. I may have a few hanging around but eventually find a home for them! Thanks for the chance of winning the fabulous candy – bellas are so gorgeous. Denise x

  50. By Michelle on

    I first take a picture to catalog and then give them. Sad to say, but I do not get to do very much crafting, so when I make one it is usually under the gun for an event.

  51. By Linda Webb on

    If I have more than one of the same design I will send them out. If I only have one, I keep it. Only for a reference in the future. Believe it or not I don’t have any Bells, please pick me. Thanks for the candy.

    Linda Webb

  52. By Tracye on

    I keep some of them, give some away in stacks and mail some out as happies. I hope I win…. would be my first bellas I would own. Thank you for offering them up for grabs.

  53. By Angela on

    I try to use them as much as possible, but I do have an unbelievably huge stash! I don’t know where they’ve come from!

  54. By Kim Flados on

    I usually give them out when a card is needed. But, only to those that appreciate handmade cards.

  55. By Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen on

    OMG!!! This prize is FABULOUS!! you are so generous!!
    I make a lot of cards and I only keep a few Happy Birthday ones to give out. The rest I donate to Cards for Troops, Ronald McDonald house, Senior Citizen Center, or other causes that need cards. Thanks!

  56. By Rose Ann on

    Thanks for the wonderful candy offering, Michelle!

    Cards….I give them away (I have a huge family). Sometimes donate them to the troops.

  57. By Lourdes J. Garcia-Levis on

    I usually try to keep one of each kind that I make, However, given the fact that my entire family is GIGANTIC and still growing: 49 on the East coast, 28 on the West coast and 30+ still in Puerto Rico, I am constantly depleting even my “samples” much to my chagrin. I try to keep the ties going even if it is with just a card. My handmade cards usually prompts a note in return with a comment about the card. In this way, communication is kept active, to some extent When I have to give away unique cards, what I try to do, is to keep a book of sketches so that I can reproduce the ones of a kind that I have sent out.

  58. By Charlene Austin (SCS - Willow01) on

    I do a little of both. I can give away some cards so easily and some cards I just can’t part with! Once they get a bit older it gets easier (that sounds like I am talking about children and letting them go out into the big scary world…lol). Even if I take pics of all the cards I still find it hard to “let them go” unless they are specifically asked for by someone.

    Love the Bellas! Great blog candy!

  59. By Andrea Leigh on

    Half and half hoarding vs. give away. I usually make one last minute for birthdays and occasions – any extras I make are usually hoarded 😉 Thanks for the chance at the AWESOME candy!

  60. By Ally on

    I try really hard to make two of everything so that I can send one to another person and then the other one I put in a folder. It’s really hard for me to part with a card if I only had the time to make one!

  61. By Shelly Skala on

    Hmmm….I’m guilty of hoarding and sending them away. I always make one for myself as a template. I do have some to donate and have been thinking of doing that lately. So, I guess I’ll soon be guilty of all 3. As for Bella candy who wouldn’t want to win??

  62. By Elaine on

    Sadly I hoard most of them…but I’ve been getting better!! – really!! 😉

  63. By Kheila on

    For the longest time I only made a card as I needed one to send or give for a birthday. Then I started doing the challenges from SCS and I feel that I really improved. Now I have about 80 to 100 to send off or use as RAKS. I think I’m lucky to have a large extended family to send cards to. AND, I love my bella stamps and the opportunity to win some cool ones

  64. By Sue on

    I use my cards as gifts to family and friends. I also use them for donating to events such as the one on my blog right now. I also donate cards to Jen Eberle’s soldiers. I bundle up a bunch and meet Jen somewhere nearby or send them to her so she can send them to soldiers overseas. I got started with this from a post at Splitcoaststampers. The neat thing about this is, then I HAVE to stamp some more because I need cards for my own personal use! LOL

  65. By Jenny on

    I use them, I make cards but no where near as many as you do, so I am always using what I have made.

  66. By Inky Paws on

    I’d make a great card and mean to make another to keep but would never get around to it and became horrible about harding them. I like to keep one as a sample. If I make multiples then I give it away. I just organized my cards by catagory so that from now on and I go to a premade card and use that instead of always making a new one to send.

  67. By Debi Olson on

    Hi, I hoard some but most of the time I try to send them to friends, relatives, and co-workers. I hoard everything else though.

  68. By Michele on

    Oh, I hope I am not too late for this fantastic blog candy! Just found your blog! I do give many of my cards away, but I am definitely a hoarder!

  69. By Jenn D on

    I’ve been living in a cave these last few days and am so far behind on blogs. A lot of my cards are sent out to friends and family, although I do have a hoarding tendency.

    I love Bella’s! Thanks for the chance to win.

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