October 31

BOO!!! Happy Halloween!!!

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Halloween festivities at our house have been going on for a while. My daughter had her Halloween Party with her Brownie group on the 22nd, than it was time to decorate at our house, than it was Pumpkin carving with Daddy on Sunday¬†all the while listening to my Son get up ever morning and say “only 8 more sleeps, only 2 more sleeps”…and today…finally Halloween the festivities start early, I was able to go with my Son to his Preschool and watch 2 classes Trick or Treat in their school gym as the parents handed out the candy, great idea! My Son was eager to start Trick or Treating in his group and lead the “pack”!, he already has a full bag of treats…argh! My daughter is at school today and this afternoon they get to spend a little bit of time in a Haunted House in their Music room, they have a Halloween Assembly and they get to wear their costumes and eat healthy food, no treats…I am happy about this!

As you may have guessed my Son is Harry Potter and my Daughter is a “Good Witch”.

Here is a bowl of our treats waiting to be given to all the wee little trick or treaters! that’s if my hubby doesn’t get to them first!

The kid’s went out tonight around 6:30PM…we “painfully” waited for that time because it was still light out since we haven’t had the time change yet & it just about killed the kid’s to wait, drove me nuts! My daughter had a meltdown because she couldn’t just go out in her costume, we had to layer everything underneath her costume so she would be warm, initially she was just going to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath, I knew this was a mistake, so I sent her outside to “test the waters”, she said it’s too cold & melted down (I mean, I am the worst Mommy kind of meltdown – it’s all my fault of course that we don’t live somewhere warm & sunny like California!)…argh, she is also tired because she went to the Flames Hockey game with her Dad and was out a wee bit late, so my Son went out for a bit than they came back for her AGAIN & we managed to get a fleece underneath her costume & heck, this is a good Halloween, no wind, no snow & it’s currently 8C / 46.4F, usually it’s snowing out or there is snow on the grown & it’s well below 0C, so we have it good this year, the streets are packed with kid’s, so that’s my story for this Halloween evening…the longest you will probably ever see on my blog!

I’m about to run out of candy…in 45 mins…record…maybe that’s because for some reason teenagers are trick or treating…I don’t get it & without costumes too boot…argh, & people that ring the door bell when your lights are all off…meaning no candy left.

Sorry, no exciting Halloween cards or papercrafts just sweet little ol’ pics of my kids!

Happy Haunting!

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