February 14

Books, books & more books…

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I’m a little behind on my posting about the books I’ve read lately.

I finished reading the last 2 books in the Twilight Series a while ago now & after I put down Eclipse I was so “depressed” that I had to wait till the Fall of this year for the 4th & final book in the series…Breaking Dawn but, I was just on Stephenie Meyer’s website & found out I only have to wait till August 2nd, I am sooo flippin’ excited! I am thinking of reading all 3 books AGAIN before the 4th one is out – these books are the best reading that I have experienced in a long time & I absolutely CANNOT wait for the movie to come out (December 12th, 2008). Briggitte mark your calendar! We are going to see this movie for our movie & dinner night! So you better start reading these novels! AND her book The Host for adults comes out May 6th…WOOHOO!

I’m a pretty big fan of Alice Sebold’s novels also especially after reading The Lovely Bones & Lucky so when her 3rd book came out…The Almost Moon & I read the reviews I was a little hesitant to read it but, I did because I like her writing & sure it’s not as good as The Lovely Bones but it was still a good read. I also cannot wait for the movie The Lovely Bones to come out (2009).

Now the problem that I have run into is that I have nothing to read! Does anyone have a favorite book that they have read that is a MUST read? Please leave me a comment if you do.

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  1. By Deb Pearce on

    I read these books after you first recommended them and you got me hooked!!! I whipped through those books and passed them on to my sister who is now on the third one. Sad to say…we are both in love with a vampire!

    Can’t wait for the 4th book either. Thanks for recommending them!

    Have you read any of Diana Gabaldon’s (sp) books? There are 5 of them and about 800-1000 pges each. Intense but soooo amazing.

  2. By Bobbi-Jo on

    I couldn’t agree more – i LOVE the Stephanie Meyer books. Have you heard about the movie and who they’ve cast as Edward? It’s the guy who plays Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movie. I’m not sure he’s “good looking” enough to suit my picture of Edward…but who knows. Could turn out to be great!

  3. By Shannon T on

    I loved the Stephenie Meyer books as well. I just finished Eclipse on the weekend after reading Twilight and New Moon back to back in August. I waited on Eclipse as I knew I would be so disappointed when it was over and I’d have to wait for the 3rd. I am exciting for the movies as well and have been reading the updates on SM’s website. Did you know that she has an adult book called The Host coming out May 6th?

    I liked Lovely Bones as well but haven’t read her non-fiction, Lucky yet. I also picked up Almost Moon but haven’t read yet. I have so many books but not enough time with work, stamping and the hubby. Have you read any Jodi Picoult? I love her books – my favorite being My Sister’s Keeper then The Pact – I’ve also read Plain Truth, Keeping Faith, Vanishing Act, The Tenth Circle. I haven’t picked up any I didn’t like just a few I like more. Nineteen Minutes is the newest in trade paperback – it looks great.

    Sorry for the long post – I tend to get carried away when it comes to books!

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