February 9

Bra fitting…

I have been talking for a long time about going for a bra fitting. I am so tired of buying crappy bras from Wal-mart or wherever or buying a $45-50 bra from some other place only to get it home and wear it for a while and find out that it doesn’t fit so well or it hurts and did you know something like 90% of woman are wearing the wrong size bra. Knicker’s ‘n Lace’s bras are DEFINATELY more expensive but you can find some that aren’t much more than some of the other stores out there and they even have a sale in March.

So I finally went this AM with my friend Brenda-Lee to Knicker’s ‘n Lace in Willow Park http://www.knickersnlace.ca/flash/index.html. If you just drop by for a fitting there is no charge but if you book an appointment than there is a $25 fee that is reimbursed if you buy a bra from them. So we showed up right at 10AM when the store opened, there was alot of staff working which was nice…no wait…they ask you what size you are currently wearing and they go from there, the lady that is helping you comes in to see every bra you try on…adjusts the straps, backing, gives you advice and a whole bunch of bras to tried on.

A couple of things to remember…

1. “Back fat” really isn’t back fat…it’s actually breast tissue that has spread out from your breasts because you are wearing the incorrect size bra…I have lots!!!!!!!!!

2. In order to get the “back fat” into your bra you need to “fluff” your breasts! That entails crossing your arms across your chest, putting your hands inside of your bra and pulling your “back fat” into your bra…make sense? It’s easier to show than to explain!

3. The back of the bra should not ride up…it should fit right around evenly and STAY DOWN!

4. Your straps should be snug and you should be able to at least do your bra up on the middle clasp.

5. Your bra will “stretch” over time…at some point in time you may even have to have it taken in (altered to fit again).

6. Every style, every make of bra fits differently.

There is some more information on their website.

I wasn’t to far off from the size I was wearing to what she told me that I was…the bra that I actually purchased was actually bigger all due to the style and sizing, but, boy do you ever see the difference, it’s much more confortable and my breasts are actually “standing at attention” instead of “drooping”!

To much information for you! Well if I can help just 1 other woman out there find a bra that fits than I have done my job and it’s all worth it!!!!

I was sooo excited to get home and throw my old bra in the garbage can…Brenda-Lee actually wore one home and threw her’s out at the store!

Now go get professionally fitted for a bra!

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  1. By Allison on

    My MIL shops there exclusively and tells me I should get fitted all the time. Since Charlotte, there is a lot more back fat (well, everywhere fat)…I think this may be the push I need since I am not feeling anything but mom-like lately!

  2. By Michelle (Post author) on

    I highly recommend you go Allison…I completely understand about the whole feeling like a Mom all the time…you can eliminate that “back fat” with the proper bra…it’s amazing…

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