March 22

Movies, a book & an excuse!!!

Dear John, what a great movie & Channing Tatum is HOT!!!

I have not read the book yet but, maybe I will now!

Dear John

Pelham 123 was a good, action movie. I have never personally seen John Travolta in a role like this…bad a**!!!

The Taking of Pelham 1,2,3

Couples Retreat wasn’t what I expected, I thought it was going to be alot more funny!

Again, what you see in commericals is what is funny.

Couples Retreat

Alice in Wonderland was awesome, we actually went to see it as a family while we were in Los Angeles, we didn’t see it in 3-D as I’m really not a big 3-D fan (**GASP**), I loved the movie, I thought it was just great & Johnny Depp, well enough said! My son seemed to enjoy it my daughter said it was “OK” maybe it wasn’t “girly” enough for her!!!


Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom, great book once again. I love Mitch Albom & his books just really warm the heart.

Have a Little Faith

Well I must apologize that I have nothing “crafty” to show you yet again (**blushing**)…the last 5-6 weeks here have been a little crazy so I haven’t done alot of crafting but, I’m hoping to get some done in the next couple of days because for one I have absolutely no cards left in my “card box” & I hate that, I need to finish up some Easter stuff & well truth be told I just miss it!

So please be patient…

December 1

Movies & a book…

Some other movies we have seen.

Santa Buddies

Santa Buddies

What a cute, cute movie!

I bought the puppy package from Wal-mart, it came with the movie & the 5 puppies in it for my daughter after she got her braces on…soooo cute!

and Becaue of Winn-Dixie

Because of Winn-Dixie

My daughter read this book in school & is now working on a book report, they also watched the movie in school but, she didn’t get to watch it all because she was off school sick so we rented it last night. Heart warming story.

The Proposal with Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds.


Oh my gosh what a funny, funny movie! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!!! 

I finally finished reading Songs of the Humpback Whale by Jodi Picoult, it seemed to take me FOREVER to read this book, liked it but, somehow I always wish for a different ending! I’m always rooting for the underdog it seems!!!


September 9

Movies, a book but NO papercrafting!!!

Sunday night we watched Bring It On: Fight to the Finish, I know how cheezy but, because I have a 9 year old daughter I can get away with watching these really, really cheesy movies! This movie went straight to DVD, it was entertaining to say the least!

Bring It On Fight to the Finish

Monday night I went & saw My Sister’s Keeper with a friend, it was a good, sad, weepy movie but, I knew this because I had read the book, the movie was good, Abigail Breslin is such a great young actress the only thing that kind of bothered me was the ending of the movie, completely different from the book.

My Sister's Keeper

I just finished reading Jacquelyn Mitchard’s Still Summer, it was GOOD!

Still Summer

August 22

San Diego Day 7 – Last Day…

Yesterday morning we got up bright & early & had breakfast, finished packing & than got the kid’s up, we were out the door before 9AM which was early for us!

We had some time to kill before going to the airport so we went to Balboa Park, this is our 2nd time to San Diego, we went when my daughter was only 4 months old & I absolutely loved Balboa Park than & I still love it, the beauty of all the museums, etc is just spectacular, I really wished we had another day so that we could have taken in everything at Balboa Park but, we ran out of time.



Bells ring from here.


These trees are stunning, lush, green…gorgeous!


All tiles.


The organ, absolutely breathtaking, organ music was playing the whole time, very majestic & HUGE. I guess they have concerts here too.



That’s my daughter standing there!

After Balboa we went & returned our rental car than headed to the airport for a 1:30PM flight home, the flight was great, the kid’s were low key so I was able to basically read the whole time, I finished reading my book last night, the 3rd in The Spa Girls series: Calm, Cool & Adjusted, this time Poppy’s story, it was fun!

Calm, Cool & Adjusted

It was a great day to come home because all day it was cloudy & overcast, I’m glad to be home safely, it’s always nice to come home but, we are ALL going to miss going to the beach every single day & feeling sand between our toes!

July 11

A Girl’s Best Friend…

This is the 2nd book in the series, the first book was from Lilly’s point of view & this book was from Morgan’s point of view, I will start the 3rd book in the series today so I wonder who’s point of view it’s from…maybe Poppy’s.

At first when I started reading this book I wasn’t sure if I like Morgan’s point of view because I was so use to Lilly’s but, she kinda grew on me, as I got further in the book I started enjoying it more.

June 21

Butterfly inspiration…

These canvas’s took forever to complete for some reason, I painted them in the Fall, than they sat in my scrapbook room for month’s, than I saw Amy’s post here & I fell in love with what she did, so I said that’s what I’m going to do with mine & also add some inspiration that my family can look at everytime they come downstairs to start their day. The quote is from Winston Churchill, the butterflies were stamped in Versamark on Stampin’ Up! cardstock, than embossed with Stampin’ Up! detail black embossing powder than hand cut over a few days (I still have some left). I still want to paint on some Shimmerz but, I’m waiting for my order, so that’s something I can do anytime.

Some other stuff, my son lost his 2nd tooth on Tuesday very exciting.

and I’m reading a new series of books by Kristin Billerbeck, I’m currently on the 2nd book of her “Spa Girl Series”, she has a couple of series of books, quite good, funny, & light humour…an easy read. I picked them up at Chapters downtown Vancouver for $3.49 EACH, I love a sweet deal.

We are heading out to my inlaws shortly for Father’s Day dinner with our whole family. I hope whatever you are doing you are celebrating the fabulous men in your lives & are enjoying your blessed day.

April 19

Big Hill Springs Provincial Park & a book…

Yesterday we took the kid’s to Big Hill Springs Provincial Park, it’s 30KM West of Airdrie, this was our first time going there, when I first got there, I was like great…BORING!!! My hubby is really good at taking us on these “great adventures” to no where!!! but, than we started walking into this amazing little “forest” and we hiked and we hiked, we got up pretty high, the view was breathtaking, there were little rivers everywhere, still some snow, ice and mud but, the kid’s had a blast, and it was soooo warm in certain parts of the valley’s.

We would definately go there again and bring our lunches.

My son is a total “ham”, this was a walking stick that he “acquired” on our hike, it was as tall as me!

I thought this was a cool view along our hike, a snowy pathway.

My daughter is the biggest “poser” ever. I never have a hard time getting pics of her. This was on top of the hill.

This turned out to be a cool pic I believe!

These flowers were growing all over the top of the hill thru the hay like grass.

I also finished another book yesterday, 3 Willows by: Ann Brashares. It was good, I am a fan of The Sisterhood, I had no idea really what this book was about, it didn’t really have anything to do with The Sisterhood but, it had “references”, a good, light hearted read.

You can go here to read a little bit about it.

Well I hope you all have a great sunny Sunday, today is the last day of Spring Break, yippeeeeee!!!

April 8

The Purpose of Christmas…

I finally finished reading this book last night, not sure why it took me so long but, it did!

I bought this book just before Christmas probably in November hoping that it would “speak” to me and explain to me why Christmas has become so commercialized and really take me back to the true meaning of Christmas and how to pass this information onto my family, no different than Easter and what it’s true meaning is all about.

It’s good and I’m sure you have all heard of Rick Warren.