January 26

Stamper’s Group January 2013…

Altered Notebook 

Went to Stamper’s Group on Wednesday, it was nice to get back into creating mode.

Our first project was re-creating the cover of the mini catalogue.

BTW I love ALOT of the products in the mini BUT, not any of the stamps!

I Love You Card Front 

The 2nd project was a Valentine’s card that fits into a letter size envelope.

I Love You Card 

The “To You From Me” part flips down to say “I Love You!”


October 18

Stamper’s Group October 2012…

Stamper’s Group started up again last night…yeah!

Always so much fun and I love getting away for a few hours to make some fun projects.

Coffee cup box. Cute. You could stuff the decorated cup with a cello bag with treats, tea or a gift card.

Pyramid Christmas card…I absolutely LOVE, LOVE this card but, it was SOOOOOO much work!!! even having all the pieces cut already!

The hostess for last night made each one of us these cards instead of bring snacks to eat…which I love…he’s sooo cute!


October 15

Christmas Card Class…

I went to a Christmas card class on Saturday at Natasha Zandbergen’s house (a Stampin’ Up! demo) of Inking Out of The Box.

I went with 2 of my friends: Brenda-Lee and Cookie. We had lotsa fun BUT, it was hard work!!!

We finished all the cards and box at 4:01PM! but, we did break for a yummy lunch!

It was from 10-4PM and we made 10 different cards and 1 cute box!

It’s probably safe to say that I have all my Christmas cards made but, I will go to a Christmas card buffet next Monday at my Stampin’ Up! demo’s house and I will attend 2 more Christmas card classes at her house…just because…it’s FUN!

September 22

Card Buffet #6…

I went to another card buffet at the end of June with Taylor and these were the cards I made.

Not the greatest pics, I used my iphone in poor lighting.

It’s taken me so long to do this blog post because I was having problems with all my pics turning to grey scale from color…for no apparent reason…I thought…well I think we finally figured out what the problem was…OK, so my techie hubby did!

June 23

Stamper’s Group June 2012 {Last One}…

Last night was my last Stamper’s Group for the year…I can’t wait till October rolls around again!

First we made this AWESOME Honeycomb card…I have been eyeing these FOREVER…so easy to make just time consumming!

Than we made this cute little box…I think a gift card should be able to fit in it…I haven’t tried yet!

I really had a great time…something to look forward to each month…anyone want to join me in October (Airdrie)?


June 22

Scrapbook Your Heart Retreat Projects…

The weekend of June 8th I went to the SYH Retreat…their 5th one and my 5th one…this retreat is soooo wonderful and every year the gals just blow me away with their talent, projects and subject matter.

The little extras they do to spoil us are amazing!

This year’s theme: Garden of Life

This is a little canvas that we received with a paper napkin with a butterfly on it (tan in color). That’s it…2 things! A 5 minute project Christy said…ya right…more like 5 hours for me!!! LOL.

This was actually the 2nd attempt…the first time I stuck the napkin on with Modge Podge and it looked horrible…so I peeled it off, than I applied another square, same thing happened so I threw it in the garbage can! My friend Brenda-Lee took it out and peeled bits and pieces of the napkin off and said I think it will be fine…so I left it on my table and came back to it a while later…added some more paint, bling, ribbon and some inspirational sayings and voila…I’m in LOVE!!! Thanks Brenda-Lee!

These are a set of 6 postcards we made to stand on a easel.

We used Cathie Allen’s Super Stock Cardstock (absolutely gorgeous cardstock).

We went to 6 different tables and made these postcards with inspirational sayings on them using different techniques. At first I thought: this is a whole LOT of work but, in the end I am so glad I took the time to make them.

My fav.

My least fav!