September 15

Family Fun Day at Kernels Corn Maze…

Yesterday we went to Kernels Corn Maze for Family Fun Day, it is about 1 hour North of us in Olds, AB, we had fun trying to find our way thru the maze, we were suppose to locate 6 scarecrows, well we only found 1! It was a gorgeous day here yesterday, the only thing that sucked was there were ALOT of bugs…eck! We had to come home & have showers to make sure we didn’t have any bugs living in our hair! Here is a link to Kernels Corn Maze.

My daughter started a cold on Saturday & I actually asked her if she would like to postpone our Family Day after coming home yesterday AM from going to a few garage sales with her Dad & not looking so good, but, of course she didn’t want to, I should have made all of us stay home…she wasn’t feeling so great last night & so today she is home sick, so I made her some wholemade Chicken Soup & I’m making her get lots of rest…well I must run to pick up my son soon & take care of the sick!!!!

See ya soon!

June 1

Royal Tyrrell Museum…

For Family Fun Day we went to Drumheller & visited the Royal Tyrrell Museum (about 1 1/2 hrs each way for us) – it’s always fun there, takes you back to those prehistoric days when these giant dinosaurs once roamed our land, they have all sorts of fun things to do there for the kid’s, than we spent the afternoon checking out this small town, it’s actually quite quaint! Every corner almost has a dinosaur on it! We visited the largest dinosaur in the world & spent some time at the park.


Just before Drumheller we stopped at Horseshoe Canyon & admired the hoodoo’s, they just look amazing.


J & T pulling dino tail

Dino #1

Dino #2

Dino #3

Dino #4

T on scale

Now these pics are great, you get to step on a scale & compare your weight to that of an animal, ya, you wouldn’t get me stepping on that scale!

J on scale

Billy on scale

Big dyno #2

Isn’t this a funny pic, this is the largest dinosaur in the world! Doesn’t it look like he is crushing all the cars below him?

Big dino

May 10

Family Fun Day…

Today is our Family Fun Day, we were going to do Wednesday nights, than we all got sick & the schedule was a little hectic, so we just kind of wing it when we can, but, we do it once a week. So today we were up & out of the house by 8:30AM & we went & had our pics taken by my friend Bobbi, she was in town with her family so I definately wanted to take advantage & get our family pics done again, this is the 3rd time she has taken our pics, she is awesome, so fun & I like that she knows our family & that the kid’s know her & feel comfortable with her, she is so fun & it was so good to see her…miss ya Bobbi! I can’t wait to see the pics. Than we were off to The Clayground, we got there when it opened & we couldn’t get in because you need reservations, OK, crap,  I drove all the way out there & I can’t get in, so we looked around & made a reservation for tomorrow, than I searched around & found a place thru our Entertainment Coupon Book called Color Me Mine in the NW, it use to be called something else, so we got there & it’s much bigger than The Clayground & a bit cheaper but, it had a studio fee, I thought I would be able to use my coupon since it is quite expensive, but, I found out I couldn’t after the fact since it has changed names / owners I guess, so my son & daughter were the artists & me & hubby helped them along, my son picked a dino & my daughter picked a turtle piggybank, my son lasted about 10 mins & finished a crazy lookin’ dino & than I stayed with my daughter & helped her, she quite enjoyed it, so in 1 week we can pick them up. My hubby & I have been to the Fire Escape along time ago, so this is only our 2nd time painting clay, it’s really not my thing but, my daughter liked it, can’t say I will be doing it anytime soon because of the cost, my daughter gets to do it in class at school on Monday, I will be volunteering so we will see where teachers are from.

T & TurtleT Signing her nameJ’s DinoT Painting her turtleJ Painting his dinoPaint Palette

Well I better get my butt in gear now, we are going to watch The Golden Compass & have a sleep over in the living room!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow.

April 18

Family Fun Night…

The toppingsPita Pizzas BeforeT making pizzaThe Pita PizzaEating the Pizza

We started Family Fun Night on Wednesday, alot of people I’m sure do this but, we decided that once a week on Wednesday the kid’s can decide how they would like for us to spend our evening as a family, no computers, no TV, etc. So the kid’s wanted to have Pita Pizza’s for dinner & than we went to Chuck E Cheese’s.

We like to make Pita Pizza’s quite often, I use whole wheat pita’s, Canadian Back Bacon or Ham, Mozzarella with Parmesan Cheese, Light Feta, Peppers & Pineapple, I chop everything up & than we all get to make our own pizza’s. We make 8 each time so that we have lot’s of leftovers the next day, my daughter loves to take them for lunch.

Next week we will be staying in for Family Fun Night.