August 15

San Diego Day 1…

**WARNING…long post (more of a journal for me) but, feel free to read about our week in California if you dare…

We arrived in San Diego early this afternoon after getting to the airport at 7:30AM, (3 hours before the flight left) because we were flying stand-by & the flight was VERY full. There were 15 stand-by’s & 18 seats available so we didn’t want to take any chances that we wouldn’t get on the flight, there are only 4 flights per week.

The flight was uneventful…thankfully! The kid’s were pretty well behaved, my son got a bit restless at times but, other than that no biggie. I had booked everything online before hand. My hubby had sent me this link for the car rental called Rent 4 Less Car Rental (Blue Oval Car Rental) or Ace. After waiting 25 mins for our luggage to come off the plane we went out to the courtesy waiting area for all the shuttles for the car rental places, we waited about 10 minutes & didn’t see one for Rent 4 Less so we called the company & they told us they would send out the shuttle & it should be there in about 10 mins…OK, the kid’s are getting really impatient especially my son, the shuttle finally shows up & the driver drops us off at the car rental place, I laughed when we pulled up because this place was a “dive”, so we walk in & she looks up our name & our confirmation number & informs us that there is no reservation for us in her system…WHAT??? I booked online & well “they” certainly took my reservation & than she says oh, you booked with Rent 4 Less, well they are no longer a company…blah, blah, blah (thank goodness I didn’t have to use my credit card number to reseve) she says I’ll call another company for you & see if they have anything for you, sure they do for another $100 for the week, she says you can go there & my manager will reimburse you the difference but, of course I have to pay that money up front…ah NO, can you drop us off at Enterprise? Sure, thanks. We arrive at Enterprise, long line up but, “luckily” we got a car even though there was none left apparently, we got a “economy” car, I’m sooooo spoiled with power locks, power windows, room to stretch out, AC that works well, DVD Player, stereo, etc :}

Oh but, the weather is glorious, sunny, slightly breezy, warm temperatures but, not too hot, the perfect temperature & the smell, it smells divine here, I wish I could somehow have the smell of the ocean come across my blog :}

Anyways, we hit the highway & find out where our hotel is which for the first 2 nights is the Mission Plaza Hotel & Suites, than we grabbed a bite to eat & than checked into our hotel, we got upgraded to a kid’s suite for no additional cost which was nice, it has bunk beds, well I think it’s nice but, than again the kid’s fought over who got to sleep on the top bunk for the first night! Friendly staff, fairly clean rooms, I’m pretty picky so in my eyes it could be better especially for what they charge nowadays to stay in a hotel.

We got settled in than got ready to go to the beach (that’s what we’re here for), so we hopped in the car & headed to Ocean Beach, an 8 minute drive maybe, we pull out of the hotel and, I stop at a red light, I’m waiting patiently, I look in my rearview mirror & guess who is behind me? Corey Miller from LA Ink! well that’s where I watch him every week although his shop is called Six Feet Under, it was soooo funny, I was sooo excited, I said to my hubby don’t look around because I kept turning around, I’m sure Corey Miller thought I was nuts but, than again I’m sure he gets it alot! so my hubby checked him out & he said are you sure? I said absolutely, so we turned, he raced by me, he was driving FAST!!! & well I sort of caught up to him when he turned off onto another road, I wanted to take a pic but, I didn’t want to look like a freak! My daughter kept saying follow him Mommy, get his autograph, now I’m sure that wouldn’t go off to well…some crazy Canadian following him home!

We finally arrived at the beach, found parking, it was BUSY, the kid’s loved the sand & surf (which was huge), so did my hubby, too stinkin’ cold for me though, maybe tomorrow. Than we came back to the hotel & got all the sand out of every nook & cranny than went to Target quickly (I’ll go back tomorrow AM!), than grabbed dinner & now the kid’s have just FINALLY crashed & we are just hanging…well I’m creeping some blogs now!

I’ll leave you with 2 pics of my kiddies having fun!



 Well I should get to bed I guess! I’m sure tomorrow will be another fun day!

August 3

Movies & A Storm…

On Saturday night my in-laws came over to watch the kid’s so my hubby & I could spend a little “quiet” time together for a belated anniversary date, so we went for dinner & went to see Funny People.


Very, very funny movie but, of course true to some of Adam Sandler’s movies it was very crude but, we laughed alot of course & surprisingly it was a very long movie, almost 2 1/2 hours.

Than last night we watched Confessions of a Shopaholic on DVD.


Totally a cute movie!

Yesterday we had a thunderstorm watch all day, we went to sleep just after 11PM I guess & was rudely awakened to a nasty, NASTY thunderstorm, within minutes of getting all the windows shut & pulling our garbage can in so it didn’t fly down the street we experienced the worst hail storm that I have ever heard or seen in the 12 years I have lived in Alberta, oh my, our bedroom windows are on the North side of the house & the way the wind was blowing  & the  size of the hail I was sure that our bedroom windows were going to crack right open, it was soooo loud we had to take refuge on the other side of the house in the kid’s bedrooms, I tell you I was scared S******, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, if the roof of our house was going to blow off, if our trampoline was going to go flying across the field, the windows were going to crack, the siding & our car which is parked outside I was sure was going to have hail damage, well after the hail, it poured & the lightening was just insane, we were awake for about 40 mins, I got up at about 7AM this morning to survey the damage, no hail damage but, our garden & flowers & our bleeding heart bush were totalled.


The hail right outside our front door.


My front porch planters totalled.



Front flower bed.



My flower pot that was full of blooms yesterday.


My bleeding heart bush.


Top of bleeding heart bush.

I heard that Calgary wasn’t hit that bad…is this true?

Well that’s what’s going on here, I will wait till tomorrow or ??? to clean up our yard, it’s suppose to be rainey & cold here all week.

July 26

Move complete…

Well as of this very hour I think it’s safe to say that our 8th move in 12 years is pretty much complete!

We ended up moving everything on Thursday afternoon with the help of movers, it only took 3 hours return because we both helped & we hauled a**! We had also been moving boxes for 1 week before in our minivan, so we had actually moved alot of stuff into the new house.

My hubby took Thursday & Friday off of work so he was home to help assemble everything, we only have a few boxes left to unpack & pictures to hang on the wall, other than that we are all done…even my scrapbook room, so I’m ready for Christy’s next summer blog challenge!

With the purchase of this house we bought a new 14 foot trampoline, the kid’s are very excited & that was assembled yesterday AM.


Last Wednesday I took my daughter to an Ortho consultation, good news she only needs 4 braces on her front 4 top teeth for 9 months, a spacer for the bottom & a “Sleep Angel” to help train her brain to keep her mouth shut when she sleeps at night (LOL). This is Phase 1 for her & hopefully it helps alot so we won’t have to get full on braces but, only time will tell, it’s not just about straightening her teeth, she has some issues with her jaw being small, etc.


So this was a pic I took with my Blackberry at her consultation, they were taking pics of her teeth…she will probably kill me if she sees this pic! We were laughing so hard though, she looks crazy!!!

and last but, definately not least it is my 11th wedding anniversary today, we moved this exact same time last year too! Love you to pieces Billy!

Well that’s all for now, we are just getting our satellite TV hooked up…yippee just in time to PVR Hammertime!

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon!

July 18

Movies and Moving…

Well in between packing, cleaning, packing & cleaning I have been able to catch a couple of movies.

I took the kid’s to see Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs earlier this week, it was a very funny movie, the kid’s loved it, I think this one was by far the best movie yet.


and than my daughter & I went to see Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince today, I have been waiting for this movie for a whole year after Twilight took it’s spot!  It was great, can’t wait for the 7th & last one to come out.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Back to packing, cleaning & moving!!!

July 5

Calgary Stampede…

Yesterday was day 2 of the Calgary Stampede, I believe we have gone the last 4 years in a row…at least, Westjet is a corporate sponsor so we take advantage of their breakfast, bull & bronco riding & other fun stuff, it’s an early morning, we were out of the house before 7AM so we can make it thru the Stampede gates for free (need to be there before 8AM), than we do our thing at the breakfast, than we visited the agriculture area, than we head to Buckaroo’s, than we have lunch, than we take the kid’s to use their ride coupons, we also were able to catch some Native dance & than we were on our way by 3 or 3:30PM just in time to miss the thunderstorms.

Here are some of my fav pics of the day:

Kid’s after their breakfast.

My son waiting “patiently” for his turn at getting an animal balloon done.

Stage coach.

Stampede would not be stampede without buying yummy, cinnamon sugar mini donuts, these are the only food items we buy at stampede, we always bring our own lunch & snacks.

The Native dance show was great, beautiful dress, great dancing & great drums.

After Stampede we headed to my BIL’s 40th surprise birthday, we didn’t get home till around 9PM last night, the kid’s were bagged, heck I was bagged too…

Today it’s a day of hanging out & PACKING…only 11 more days till possession day & I haven’t packed one single box.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.

July 3

Mud boy…

This is what happens when you wait a few minutes too long to bring your son home from playing for the day and you still have new construction going on in your subdivision:

Yep, that’s a shoe, 1 SHOE, you might ask where the other one was, stuck in the mud, my hubby had to retrieve it and when I saw my son walking down the sidewalk making footprint trails I couldn’t help but laugh out loud even though I really wanted to ask what the heck was he thinking! I’m sure each shoe must have weighed about 2 lbs each!

Oh those big, brown eyes can melt my heart and help him get away with anything!

Hubby literally had to hose him down and than we spent the next hour cleaning up!

Gotta love boys, definately one for the scrapbooks.

July 2

Whew…what a week!!!

It’s been one crazy, fast week here!

We spent last Friday with the kid’s finishing school than we spent Saturday & Sunday looking at houses, Sunday we went to Calaway Park for a bit in between looking at a house, than Sunday we wrote our 2nd offer on a house…Sunday night we have an accepted offer. I just found out today that we have CMHC approval so now all that’s left is the house inspection…yippee. We have a very quick possession…July 16th, which is OK because we get to move in over 2 weeks since our lease is done July 31st (the house is vacant). So everything has moved very quickly. My hubby has been out of town alot for work & now the kid’s are off for Summer so it’s been comical to say the least! We are staying in Airdrie though which is awesome & in the same school zone.

Tuesday we went and saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, good movie, entertaining that’s for sure but LONG, whatever happened to movies only being 90 minutes long although with the price it costs to go to a movie I guess I shouldn’t complain!

Than yesterday was Canada Day so we went to the Canada Day parade here in Airdrie, lots of fun, than we came home to start organizing and get stuff ready for donating, selling & throwing out, than we went to the fireworks here in Airdrie, they didn’t start till 10:40PM though because it takes soooooo long for it to be dark enough (and it still wasn’t completely dark at this time), so by the time we got home it was quite late even though the fireworks were only about 10 mins long (disappointing actually), and I am paying the price today with a brat son!

So that’s the exciting news I have to share, well I have some stuff to do than Saturday we are off for some fun at the Calgary Stampede…YAHOO!!!

June 21

Butterfly inspiration…

These canvas’s took forever to complete for some reason, I painted them in the Fall, than they sat in my scrapbook room for month’s, than I saw Amy’s post here & I fell in love with what she did, so I said that’s what I’m going to do with mine & also add some inspiration that my family can look at everytime they come downstairs to start their day. The quote is from Winston Churchill, the butterflies were stamped in Versamark on Stampin’ Up! cardstock, than embossed with Stampin’ Up! detail black embossing powder than hand cut over a few days (I still have some left). I still want to paint on some Shimmerz but, I’m waiting for my order, so that’s something I can do anytime.

Some other stuff, my son lost his 2nd tooth on Tuesday very exciting.

and I’m reading a new series of books by Kristin Billerbeck, I’m currently on the 2nd book of her “Spa Girl Series”, she has a couple of series of books, quite good, funny, & light humour…an easy read. I picked them up at Chapters downtown Vancouver for $3.49 EACH, I love a sweet deal.

We are heading out to my inlaws shortly for Father’s Day dinner with our whole family. I hope whatever you are doing you are celebrating the fabulous men in your lives & are enjoying your blessed day.

June 14

Mom’s Day 12×12 Layout…

Here is a layout that I almost finished when I was away at the Scrapbook Your Heart Retreat, all I had to do was put a title on it & it took me 3 weeks to do that!

This layout was actually a “kit” that I won at the retreat too!

Now what would a post be without some more pics!

Today we spent 5 1/2 hours at the soccer fields for a tournament, now soccer is all finished…yippee!

My hubby (coach) & our son at the end of the day. This was my hubby’s first time coaching soccer or anything for that matter & I think he did a wonderful job!

My son with his medal…he {hearts} his medal.