April 28

Food stuff…

Tonight at dinner my daughter decided to make a plate of vegetables into a flower for her brother & her. I am very fortunate that my kid’s love veggies!

and has anyone tried Vitamin Water yet? I bought a few groceries on Sunday after I worked out at the gym & I saw several flavors, I thought OK I’m going to try one or two & see what all the hype is…I mean I take vitamins, I drink my water faithfully, I just don’t get it, why pay more money for water & really does it taste that great…um, I don’t think so. All I drink is water & I’d much rather drink plain water! but, it does have a cool label with some funny stuff on it.

March 21

How to workout from home…

Oh my gosh this is sooooo funny! My hubby sent it to me this AM, I was laughing so hard I was crying, dig his workout outfit? There is another video he has called How to Fight, it’s funny too. The kid’s are soooo adorable!

Just to let you know in the description explaining what he is going to show you in the second one there is some written swearing, so if this offends you don’t go to the second one, but, there is no swearing in the actual video or harm to the children!!!


February 22

Girls Weekend…

in Vancouver with 4 gals that I have been friends with FOREVER! I just got back tonight from a super weekend with friend’s that I have known for over 20 years.

I flew out Friday afternoon, my wonderful husband played single dad all weekend (he is so wonderful!), he even cleaned the house before I got home…so lucky :} , I got into Abbotsford around 1PM & Kara & I went & did a bit of shopping & than went back to her place to get ready, we all met for dinner at Milestones, had a couple of drinks (I haven’t probably had a drink in like 8 years!!!), had a yummy dinner, chatted, caught up on each other’s life’s than we went to the casino, I have not been to a casino except Vegas which was probably 8 years or so ago! I’m not a gambler but, I decided to try my luck, I put $20 in the nickel machines & cashed out with just over $200 in less than 10 minutes! after that 2 of my friends & I decided to go to the lounge & listen to the band, they were very, very good, so we danced for a while & than we went home around 1AM, crashed around 2AM, up at 8AM (argh!) & than my friend Kara & I went for a long walk to Starbuck’s for a latte & conversation, than we went & did some more shopping, & than we went to see He’s Just Not that into you. A really, cute, fun movie, what a stacked cast. After that we walked again & it was straight uphill the whole freakin’ time (for about 35 mins)!!! Geez! That evening we just hung out watched the hockey game & some UFC, had dinner together & went to bed really early!!! This AM we woke up & went for breakfast at White Spot & than Kara & I looked around some more…wasting time, went for another latte & than it was off to the airport to come home, I was so glad to be home to see the kid’s & my hubby, I miss them so much but, I already miss Kara!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous Friday & Saturday. Thanks Kara & Jim for having me out, it was sooo good to see you both, see you in 2!

Kara & I have been best friends since 1986, we went to high school together, we are indeed like sisters. No matter where we live we have always managed to keep our relationship “real” & close.

Kara & Marlene, we have been friends with Marlene & her 2 sisters for at least 20 years.

Marlene & Me.

Jules, Marlene, Me & Liz (they are sisters).

Marlene, Me & Liz.

It’s amazing, I haven’t seen “The Girls” in a long, long time with the exception of Kara who I visited in September. It’s amazing how we can all just pick up where we left off & be totally comfortable with each other & have so much fun together, it’s like I never left & no matter where our lives take each other I know I can always count on these wonderful, wonderful woman. My friendship with these ladies will last a lifetime & I can only hope that one day my children have amazing friendships like these.

Liz is getting married in June & I look forward to attending her wedding.

Well I should get ready & go to bed as the kid’s are back to school this week, thank goodness & I have a full week ahead of me, especially since I have birthday preparations for my daughter!


February 15

Valentine’s Day…

My Valentine’s Day was good, our daughter & my hubby made me a pancake breakfast, they gave me cards that each of them had made themselves, we hung out together & than I went shopping all by myself,  just for ME! and than I went to my friend’s house to scrapbook and catch up with another friend and my SIL.

We had lasagna for dinner and a Valentine’s yum-o cake with DQ ice cream, it was yummy! Than we worked on our projects and chatted and laughed…we just never know when a memory will be created…do we?

We even received a goodie container full of some fun and yummy stuff including Bernard Callebault chocolate!

Thanks BL for hosting a wonderful evening.

February 13


I just wanted to post this link for all my fellow Canadian bloggers out there. You can go to this website and set up an account to receive email alerts from the companies you love to receive flyers from & may not get delivered to your house…like Michael’s!!!


You can set up your account to whatever City you live in, mine is obviously set for where I live!

February 5

Smells like heaven…

That’s what my house smells like right now. My sweet friend Stacey brought me flowers on Sunday evening so that I would have something pretty to practice my photography on, one of the flowers is a Stargazer Lily (I believe!), the 2nd bud fully bloomed yesterday, they are absolutely breathtaking.

So although you can’t smell them, I can leave you with these pics to brighten your Thursday!

I am now off to take my son to school & than my daughter to the clinic, 2nd time in 3 days for me, first time for my son & now my daughter, the last two weeks have been nasty, a household full of sick kid’s & a hubby, it’s a full-time job taking care of “sickies”, I’m done…get better already!!!!

January 24

What have I been up to???

**BEWARE EXTREMELY LONG POST!** Grab a latte, a tea or a coffee. It’s taken me sooo long to write this post that my tea is now cold!

Hello??? Where is Michelle you ask!!! Certainly not stamping you must be thinking…well you are indeed correct!!!

I have been busy with kid stuff, home stuff, you know life get’s in the way sometimes of what really matters to us!!!!

Let’s see: Last weekend we planned a trip to West Edmonton Mall, we would spend 2 nights in the Fantasyland Hotel, go to the Waterpark all day, do so skating, shopping & spend time as a family, well I got us all ready, hubby left early on Friday from work & off we went, we arrived at the hotel about 4PM, checked in, walked around the mall for a bit, played a round of Putt ‘n’ Glow mini golf where my kid’s fought & cried the whole time, after that we were looking for something for dinner & my son was whining the whole time that he wanted to go back to the room, we got back to the room where they proceeded to fight & whine so we put our foot down & said “that’s it, we are leaving, so I packed up (while listening to the kid’s crying the whole time saying “just one more chance Mommy” – NO! I mean how many chances do they think they deserve?) while my hubby checked us out & we were back on the road heading home by 7PM, the car ride home was horrible listening to my daughter freak out saying that she would be good, well I had enough & for once I followed thru with my decision. It was hard, but, it felt good, I was happy with what I had done. I really don’t think my kid’s take me seriously sometimes – sometimes I can be sooo weak as a parent.

Starting last Sunday we decided that we were going to plan our dinners for the week, so I got up early Sunday AM & printed out a “What’s for Dinner this Week” planner, can’t find the link now! & than I went to Kraft Canada’s website to find some new, yummy recipes, I use this website ALOT! I planned 4 of the dinners & than I asked the kid’s & hubby what they wanted, I than wrote everything down on the planner including side dishes & desserts if any, on the days that I wasn’t home in the evening, or we would be home later or I was busy during the day I would highlight that day so that I knew I had to have a dinner that was fast & easy to make or something I could throw in the crockpot first thing in the AM before I started my day. I really liked being able to look on the fridge & see what’s for dinner & what I had to do to prepare for each evening’s meal, it kept me on track & we tried out new recipes, it wasn’t boring which is what it had become since well before Christmas (when I became lazy thinking up dinner meals!).

This is what we had for dinner during the first week.

Monday – Capellini Caprese – my daughter loves Capellini Pasta so she picked this recipe, it was good but, I would use peppers next time instead of tomatoes, I’m not a big fan of cooked tomatoes & my hubby actually hates tomatoes so he picked them out & I would use a different Signature dressing & parmesan cheese instead of mozerella, but, it was still good! For dessert we had fat free Vanilla Pudding, Kiwi & Blackberries.

Tuesday – BBQ Beef Soft Taco’s – everybody loved these, they were yummy, I used Ground Chicken instead of beef though (not a huge fan of hamburger). If my daughter devours dinner than I definately know it’s a keeper!

Wednesday – Slow-Cooker Orange Chicken – Hubby prepared this Tuesday night & thru it in a big bowl & we stuck it in the fridge because I had to volunteer first thing Wednesday AM in my son’s class, all I had to do was dump everything into the slow cooker when I got home, it was good, very tasty but, I overcooked the chicken a bit (what else is new!!!). I served it with steamed rice & green beans.

Thursday – We went out for dinner (wasn’t planned but, I had an evening appt).

Friday – Beef Noodle Bowl – another keeper, the kid’s devoured this one too. For dessert the kid’s & hubby had kiwi & blackberries again with whip cream!

Saturday – Frittata – no link to a recipe. All I do is cook up bacon, than I take the bacon out & drain on some paper towels, than I cook up some hashbrowns, while the hashbrowns are cooking I whip up about 6-7 eggs in a bowl, once the hashbrowns are cooked & crispy I add the egg mixture to the frying pan, I let them cook together until cooked (no runny, slimey egg left!) than I add the bacon back to the frying pan & I sprinkle feta cheese on top, once the cheese is melted it’s all ready to eat – yummy! Served with salad.

Sunday – Pita Pizza’s – again no recipe. I use whole wheat Pita’s, pizza sauce, peppers, onions (whatever you like), I use black forest ham or Canadian Back Bacon for the lean protein & than top with feta & mozerella cheese, the kid’s love these!

We now have lots of leftovers in our freezer too which is great for hubby’s lunches!

We all got our hair cut finally, our daughter decided to cut off 7 inches of her hair which was news to me, I didn’t know she was thinking of doing it until we got to the haircut place, I thought we were just going in for a trim! than she informed me that she wanted her haircut like her music teacher’s…well it does look cute on her, but, she looks much older now :{

She couldn’t stop smiling the whole time!

We all really, really like her new hair cut, this is her first “hairstyle.”

My son is as handsome as ever!

I could just kiss him forever!

I on the otherhand have been “itching” with restlestness & boredom, kind of antsy (do you ever feel this way?) even though I have been busy running here & there I’ve been itching to do something different & that usually means changing my appearance, so I cut my hair shorter too (I’ll post a pic once I can get a good one!) & I got my 7th tattoo today! I love, love it, once it heals it will lighten up & be nice & vibrant. I found a tattoo artist that works out of his home in Panorama after much searching & emailing back & forth & viewing some of his work I decided to go & check out his home studio, I was impressed, so if you are looking for a place to get a tattoo let me know & I can tell you all about my fantastic experience.

I was suppose to get my 6th tattoo fixed today also but, we are going to sit on this one & figure out exactly how I want to fix it, I will go back in about 3 weeks. I got that one in August 2007 & have never been “satisfied” with it, out of all my tattoo’s this was the only one I was honestly disappointed with & it’s on the inside of my right arm, so in the Summer it’s all out in the open & I absolutely love what it stands for: “FAITH“. Every one of my tattoo’s has meaning & they are all tasteful & if I choose to they can all be covered up, heck in the Winter no one even knows I’m tattooed!

Since the New Year I’ve been back on the work out wagon, weight loss is slow going right now but, I will keep at it, I am sick of Winter though, the cold & snow here is getting to be a bit much & I can’t wait to get back outside walking every AM – I miss that time to plug in, walk & be lost in my thoughts.

I’ve seen a couple of movies:

I really, really enjoyed this movie, dark but, what a great story.

I was expecting more from this movie, don’t get me wrong it’s good but, very, very SLOW! Secret affairs, lots of drinking & smoking…Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio do have amazing chemistry of course, but, towards the end of the movie you can definately see where they are heading with the ending.

We purchased a Cuisinart Espresso machine last weekend, I have a weakness for latte’s, I don’t drink coffee just latte’s!!! (ya ya I know it’s coffee!) & now I have my hubby hooked too! So we thought by purchasing an espresso machine that in the long run we would save money! So after spending months looking & searching my friend introduced me to the Cuisinart one, she showed me how it works & made me a latte one morning, yummy! So after that I was sold & I searched for it on sale & I found it on sale at London Drugs – yippee!!!

I have now been trying to perfect the perfect latte, I’m still struggling with steaming & frothing the milk but, it will all come together soon enough, it’s definately fun, it’s like learning a new hobby all over again!

Well both the kid’s have birthday parties this weekend & next week is shaping up to be another busy week for me, I have a Copic class that I am taking at The Scrapbook Pantry which I am very excited to be taking, I have been waiting forever to take a class & I also start my Fundamentals of Photography class here in Airdrie which I have been waiting to take for a long time also, I’m hoping that my photography skills will improve immensely or that I’ll at least know how to use my camera in manual mode instead of auto all the time!

Well if you are still reading this post than thank you, you really do care about what I’m up to!!!

I do plan on stamping sometime this weekend for Viva la Verve! Week 4 challenge & I do have some other projects that I would like to complete.

Stay tuned…

January 10

My day…

Today was a pretty good day considering the last couple of days have been absolutely heart wrenching for me.

This AM my daughter & I got up & met my lovely friend Cookie at Starbuck’s for a morning latte & visit than we headed over to The Scrapbook Pantry in Country Hills for their 1 year birthday bash where we got to do some make n’ take’s, have birthday cake & yummy punch, I also got to visit with some friends I haven’t seen in a long time, we were there for about 2 hours!!! It was lots of fun.

Than I picked up my order of the Spring / Summer Stampin’ Up! Catalogue.

I don’t care too much for the cover but, I have to admit that inside there are some great stamp sets & even better accessories & designer paper!

Than this evening my new friend here in Airdrie…Stacey stopped by after work (her son goes to school with my son) dropped by with this absolutely beautiful bouquet of flowers in this absolutely fabulous red vase (is that what you would call it?) full of greenery, & red & white gerber daisies, it touched my heart & made me smile today & I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart Stacey for doing this for me & thinking of me – you are very sweet & kind, I look forward to getting to know you better as my friend.

Sorry the pics might be a little “off” since I took these pictures at night. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!