March 22

Movies, a book & an excuse!!!

Dear John, what a great movie & Channing Tatum is HOT!!!

I have not read the book yet but, maybe I will now!

Dear John

Pelham 123 was a good, action movie. I have never personally seen John Travolta in a role like this…bad a**!!!

The Taking of Pelham 1,2,3

Couples Retreat wasn’t what I expected, I thought it was going to be alot more funny!

Again, what you see in commericals is what is funny.

Couples Retreat

Alice in Wonderland was awesome, we actually went to see it as a family while we were in Los Angeles, we didn’t see it in 3-D as I’m really not a big 3-D fan (**GASP**), I loved the movie, I thought it was just great & Johnny Depp, well enough said! My son seemed to enjoy it my daughter said it was “OK” maybe it wasn’t “girly” enough for her!!!


Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom, great book once again. I love Mitch Albom & his books just really warm the heart.

Have a Little Faith

Well I must apologize that I have nothing “crafty” to show you yet again (**blushing**)…the last 5-6 weeks here have been a little crazy so I haven’t done alot of crafting but, I’m hoping to get some done in the next couple of days because for one I have absolutely no cards left in my “card box” & I hate that, I need to finish up some Easter stuff & well truth be told I just miss it!

So please be patient…

February 8


{This post is just for me really, maybe one day I’ll scrapbook all the movies we watch!!!}

isn’t that what the holidays are all about? Catching up on movies???

Well I certainly have.

Last night we watched Bruno. This was such a BAD, BAD, BAD, did I mention BAD movie???!!! The worst I have seen in ages!


All About Steve was an OK movie, some funny parts.

All About Steve

and on New Year’s Eve we watched Aliens In The Attic, well OK I had my ear phones plugged in & was watching True Blood on my laptop while my kidlets & hubby watched it, they liked it alot.


Tonight we watched Bad Santa, another STUPID movie but, at least not as bad as Bruno!

Bad Santa

I took the kid’s to see the Princess and the Frog, cute movie, not my favorite but, it had a great soundtrack!The Princess and the Frog

I watched The Good Boy with the kid’s, very cute movie especially if you have a soft spot for dogs!

Good Boy

My hubby & I watched Noel (a 2004 movie) together.


The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones.  A good movie, Peter Jackson did a great job turning this novel into a movie. Beautifully done.

Undefeated, an OK movie.


It’s a Boy Girl Thing, ridiculously funny!


Run Fat Boy Fun

Funny movie.

Run Fat Boy Run

Sunshine Cleaning with Amy Adams, interesting movie…

Sunshine Cleaning

We watched Tooth Fairy with the Rock, the funny parts you see on the previews is what you will laugh at in the theatre…I’d wait for DVD to come out!


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December 29

Greetings & Salutations…

Greetings Everyone!!!

Have you missed me??? Ya right!

Well I haven’t posted in a long time, what can I say…I have no good excuses except the holidays got the best of me…and they should right???

The kid’s are on Christmas break till the New Year & we are all enjoying our time together.

We have been “trying” to catch up on sleep, playing with all the Christmas goodness, hanging out & just being low key. I can certainly say that I personally DO NOT miss making lunches & running around like a mad woman in the morning trying to get the kid’s to school for 8AM.

We have watched some movies. Billy & I watched Julie & Julia, I remember when this movie came out in theatres & I really wanted to see it, now that I did I realized it wasn’t that good, kind of disappointing.

Julie and Julia

Than I took the kid’s to see Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. OMG, what a funny, cute movie! I think I was laughing more than the kid’s were!

Alvin & The Chipmunks The Squeakquel

(500) days of Summer…another crappy movie I thought, I don’t know maybe I just wasn’t in the frame of mind to really appreciate it.


Precious, what a disturbing movie.


and onto crafty things, I made these for Brenda-Lee’s dinner table (our lovely host for the evening!), everything coordinates, isn’t it lovely??? The table looked soooo pretty.

We were hoping to put chocolate in the containers that matched also but, these little cups are hard to fill with chocolate. Brenda-Lee filled them up with smarties.

Table Toppers Christmas

I made 20 of them & the good thing is that they are recyclable.

Here is what they looked like on the dinner table.

I found the instructions for these treat cup holders here (scroll down a bit) & I just modified it to only use 2 treat cups.


So really that’s all I’ve been up to! I hope you are all enjoying your holiday season.

December 1

Movies & a book…

Some other movies we have seen.

Santa Buddies

Santa Buddies

What a cute, cute movie!

I bought the puppy package from Wal-mart, it came with the movie & the 5 puppies in it for my daughter after she got her braces on…soooo cute!

and Becaue of Winn-Dixie

Because of Winn-Dixie

My daughter read this book in school & is now working on a book report, they also watched the movie in school but, she didn’t get to watch it all because she was off school sick so we rented it last night. Heart warming story.

The Proposal with Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds.


Oh my gosh what a funny, funny movie! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!!! 

I finally finished reading Songs of the Humpback Whale by Jodi Picoult, it seemed to take me FOREVER to read this book, liked it but, somehow I always wish for a different ending! I’m always rooting for the underdog it seems!!!


November 21

A Christmas Carol, My Life in Ruins & New Moon…

I took the kid’s to see this movie to take a break from the house last Wednesday & on a good day that we were feeling somewhat good!

A Christmas Carol

I really enjoyed the movie, my son who is in Grade 1 really didn’t care, there is quite a bit of talking in the beginning & so instantly it didn’t really capture my son’s attention & of course he has no idea what the storey is really about.

It did have some scary parts but, nothing that kept my kid’s from going to bed as soon as they got home!

I look forward to it coming out on DVD so I can watch it again when my son isn’t so restless & I’d like to see it in 3-D.

We watched My Life in Ruins on DVD last weekend, what a funny, funny movie, has anyone else seen it? I absolutely love My Big Fat Greek Wedding so I was excited to see this but, it doesn’t take much these days!


and last but, not least I took my daughter to see New Moon tonight. It was definately better than Twilight & had some great scenes in it & boy oh boy is Jacob ever a BAD ASS werewolf not to mention a little hottie!!! I’m sure all the teens are drooling over him in a big way!

Can’t wait for the next movie which I believe I heard rumours of June 2010 release date.

New Moon

October 15

Whip It…

Anybody see this movie yet? My hubby & I saw it last weekend, it was really good. I’m a fan of Ellen Page & of course Drew Barrymore.

I went to the roller derby in April with my daughter & I was glad to see a movie about it, definately entertaining!

Whip It

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October 3

Envelope Gift Card Holder…

So in honour of World Card Making Day today I thought I’d post a card even though I didn’t make it today! :}

I made this a while back than waited for my Top Note Die to ship from Stampin’ Up!, love this die by the way, it runs so smoothly thru the Cuttlebug.

I found the instructions for this cute gift card holder on Andrea Walford’s blog found here.

Here is my take on her fun gift card holder:




The possibilities are endless in what you can put in this holder.

On a non crafting note has anyone seen Cloudy with a chance of meatballs yet?


We saw it on opening weekend, what did YOU think of it? It’s been #1 for a while now, not sure why because I fell asleep! but, the kid’s & hubby enjoyed it, so it must be me.

Enjoy your day, hope it’s warmer & sunny where you live!!!

I was thinking of taking the kid’s to the pumpkin patch today but, it’s soooo freakin’ cold, I don’t even own a winter jacket yet, it would be a good day to see a movie! Toy Story maybe…hmmmmm.

September 9

Movies, a book but NO papercrafting!!!

Sunday night we watched Bring It On: Fight to the Finish, I know how cheezy but, because I have a 9 year old daughter I can get away with watching these really, really cheesy movies! This movie went straight to DVD, it was entertaining to say the least!

Bring It On Fight to the Finish

Monday night I went & saw My Sister’s Keeper with a friend, it was a good, sad, weepy movie but, I knew this because I had read the book, the movie was good, Abigail Breslin is such a great young actress the only thing that kind of bothered me was the ending of the movie, completely different from the book.

My Sister's Keeper

I just finished reading Jacquelyn Mitchard’s Still Summer, it was GOOD!

Still Summer

August 25

Copic class & a movie…

I took Sherrie Siemen’s (Card Creme) Copic class on Sunday at Scrapbooker’s Paradise South.

We worked on 4 projects, I learned a couple of things & I had fun coloring again!

Here are 2 of the projects that I completed & enjoyed the most:



My picture does not due this card justice, I love, love the colors on this card & the top tulip (that is what this is right!) is popped up. I love this card, so airy & fresh.

Last night I took my son to see Ponyo (have you heard of it?), this movie was great.


Hayao Miyazaki’s movies are just all around fabulous movies, if you haven’t seen any of them, find them & watch them with your kid’s. I think this is the 3rd movie of his that we have seen, here is a list of some of his movies, Spirited Away is one of the most well known I think.

August 3

Movies & A Storm…

On Saturday night my in-laws came over to watch the kid’s so my hubby & I could spend a little “quiet” time together for a belated anniversary date, so we went for dinner & went to see Funny People.


Very, very funny movie but, of course true to some of Adam Sandler’s movies it was very crude but, we laughed alot of course & surprisingly it was a very long movie, almost 2 1/2 hours.

Than last night we watched Confessions of a Shopaholic on DVD.


Totally a cute movie!

Yesterday we had a thunderstorm watch all day, we went to sleep just after 11PM I guess & was rudely awakened to a nasty, NASTY thunderstorm, within minutes of getting all the windows shut & pulling our garbage can in so it didn’t fly down the street we experienced the worst hail storm that I have ever heard or seen in the 12 years I have lived in Alberta, oh my, our bedroom windows are on the North side of the house & the way the wind was blowing  & the  size of the hail I was sure that our bedroom windows were going to crack right open, it was soooo loud we had to take refuge on the other side of the house in the kid’s bedrooms, I tell you I was scared S******, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, if the roof of our house was going to blow off, if our trampoline was going to go flying across the field, the windows were going to crack, the siding & our car which is parked outside I was sure was going to have hail damage, well after the hail, it poured & the lightening was just insane, we were awake for about 40 mins, I got up at about 7AM this morning to survey the damage, no hail damage but, our garden & flowers & our bleeding heart bush were totalled.


The hail right outside our front door.


My front porch planters totalled.



Front flower bed.



My flower pot that was full of blooms yesterday.


My bleeding heart bush.


Top of bleeding heart bush.

I heard that Calgary wasn’t hit that bad…is this true?

Well that’s what’s going on here, I will wait till tomorrow or ??? to clean up our yard, it’s suppose to be rainey & cold here all week.