July 18

Movies and Moving…

Well in between packing, cleaning, packing & cleaning I have been able to catch a couple of movies.

I took the kid’s to see Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs earlier this week, it was a very funny movie, the kid’s loved it, I think this one was by far the best movie yet.


and than my daughter & I went to see Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince today, I have been waiting for this movie for a whole year after Twilight took it’s spot!  It was great, can’t wait for the 7th & last one to come out.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Back to packing, cleaning & moving!!!

July 2

Whew…what a week!!!

It’s been one crazy, fast week here!

We spent last Friday with the kid’s finishing school than we spent Saturday & Sunday looking at houses, Sunday we went to Calaway Park for a bit in between looking at a house, than Sunday we wrote our 2nd offer on a house…Sunday night we have an accepted offer. I just found out today that we have CMHC approval so now all that’s left is the house inspection…yippee. We have a very quick possession…July 16th, which is OK because we get to move in over 2 weeks since our lease is done July 31st (the house is vacant). So everything has moved very quickly. My hubby has been out of town alot for work & now the kid’s are off for Summer so it’s been comical to say the least! We are staying in Airdrie though which is awesome & in the same school zone.

Tuesday we went and saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, good movie, entertaining that’s for sure but LONG, whatever happened to movies only being 90 minutes long although with the price it costs to go to a movie I guess I shouldn’t complain!

Than yesterday was Canada Day so we went to the Canada Day parade here in Airdrie, lots of fun, than we came home to start organizing and get stuff ready for donating, selling & throwing out, than we went to the fireworks here in Airdrie, they didn’t start till 10:40PM though because it takes soooooo long for it to be dark enough (and it still wasn’t completely dark at this time), so by the time we got home it was quite late even though the fireworks were only about 10 mins long (disappointing actually), and I am paying the price today with a brat son!

So that’s the exciting news I have to share, well I have some stuff to do than Saturday we are off for some fun at the Calgary Stampede…YAHOO!!!

June 13

A week in pictures, kid’s & stuff…

After I got home from the wedding I swung right back into “family mode”, it’s been a busy week having fun, enjoying the weather & just enjoying my time with the kid’s.

On Wednesday we packed up a picnic & spent the afternoon at the park with some friends.

My son loves his Monster Jam Truck hat.

My son says “I’m going to kick you Mommy!” so you don’t take my picture, such a nice, sweet boy!!!

but, than he gives me this.

and this.

Than I took the kid’s to see Night at the Museum, it was OK, liked the first one better, my son could care less about watching this movie!!! but, he made it through.

My kid’s have been totally infatuated with a whole lotta caterpillar’s they found earlier in the week, so they have been finding them crawling around everywhere, picking them up, putting them in a jar, taking care of them, & they have been going EVERYWHERE with us, I do mean everywhere, but, at night they do stay outside!

Kinda “creepy” looking actually…ewwwwww

Yesterday was sports day & the official grand opening of my kid’s school playground, it’s taken 2 years, lots of fundraising & volunteers to get this playground up & running & lotsa money, the playground is worth about $250,000, crazy eh?

Potato sack races.

The limbo.

My son’s “fauxhawk!”

Eating watermelon, my son manged to eat 9 slices!

Crazy slide.

This playground is fun indeed, includes a rock climbing wall, teeter totter, rolling slides, sliding monkey bars & it’s on recycled tire rubber.

The kid’s had a blast, they had 16 “stations” for the kid’s to particpate in including bouncy jumpers & a food station.

Well if you have made it this far, looking thru all my pics know that I will be back tomorrow with a 2 page 12×12 layout!

Enjoy your day, it’s going to be gorgeous here!

May 30

Weekend stuff…so far

This weekend has been absolutely gorgeous & warm in Calgary, lovely, the kid’s have been playing from morning till night outside & we have been airing our home out but, at the same time welcoming lots & lots of dust in!

I picked up my daughter from school Friday & was able to see their butterfly project, her class has been raising butterflies right from the very beginning stages starting with the caterpillar, it’s very cool everything they have done & they will be able to release all the butterflies this week at school.

Sorry, for the poor color, I was having a heck of a time!

Friday after my daughter finished school I took them for lunch than we went to see the movie Up with my daughter’s friend & Mom, we saw it in 3-D, there really wasn’t alot of 3-D I didn’t think, the previews had more, it was an OK movie, rather sad actually…kinda sad when you see a time line of the way life may be for one in a nutshell but, it did have some funny parts.

after the movie we came home & than I took the kid’s to go buy my daughter a new bike, she was very excited & has been riding her wee little heart out!

This AM my daughter & I went out early in the AM for a little bit of shopping, than it was off to soccer, than ice cream at DQ, than the kid’s & I went for a long, hot walk, well I walked & the kid’s rode their bikes, than my daughter made us a nice, simple dinner of spaghetti & sauce with sliced cuke’s…& the kid’s continue to play.

I bought a new 50mm lens for our camera today, here are some pics I took, still fooling around, getting use to not being able to zoom, etc…I know it can take great portrait pictures but, it takes getting use to that’s for sure, I got some very, very blurry backgrounds!!!

Soccer today.

My daughter not at all impressed with me!

My son playing on a rock.

A vintage wash.

My handsome hubby.

Cute toes.

Fooling around on Dad’s shoulders. Vintage wash.

and than after a full day of playing this is what my son looks like!!!

Dirt…head to toe!

Vintage wash.

Now a funny, conversation went like this to my son:

Where’s your Monster trucks?

In the tree…he replies

the tree? what the heck?

with some help from my daughter but of course!

May 11

Mother’s Day Weekend…

**Warning LONG post!!!***

Well as you may have read I headed out to Vancouver Friday afternoon for an unexpected trip to visit my best friend, Kara. I got home late yesterday afternoon.

It was absolutely gorgeous in Vancouver, the sun was shining, it was warm, everything is in full bloom (not like here), it was GREEN (again, not like here), & it smelled divine. I was in heaven! The only sad thing is I didn’t bring my camera.

Under the circumstances that I was visiting Kara my weekend with her was still wonderful. I love this girl, I really do, I’m not sure if she knows how much, but, she is part of my family, she is the sister I never had, I would do anything for her & when needed I will be there in a heartbeat.

Over the weekend this girl presented herself to me in a way that I have never seen before, she handled herself with dignity, with grace, with compassion, with humility & with beauty & I have learned something from her.

Friday we talked & talked, than we went to a scrapbook store in Coquitlam called Clipper Street Scrapbook Company, it is quite a large store, but, I still only walked out with 3 PIECES of patterned paper, that’s it :{

Than we headed to the casino, when we go to the casino (not like I go all the time, only my 2nd time!) we allow ourselves $20 each & when it’s gone…it’s gone! Than we went back home & watched Marley & Me, we really liked the movie, it was hilarious, I thought it was going to be a major tear jerker, but, it wasn’t at all, well I didn’t think so, I guess it depends on the frame of mind you are in!

Saturday we woke up & went to Starbuck’s & sat on their patio & enjoyed our latte’s together chatting some more & catching up about what’s going on eachother’s lives, than we hit the mall & went shopping looking for dresses for us to wear to friends of our’s wedding in June, we were not at all successful! We had lunch, than we went back home & sat out on the patio & enjoyed the beautiful weather & chatted some more, than we went out to do a bit more shopping.

Saturday night we went to Kara’s friends house (they have a gorgeous backyard complete with pool & cabana) to watch the Vancouver Canuck’s play…they lost :{

Sunday AM we got up early again & went to Starbuck’s & enjoyed our latte’s on their patio & once again chatted & than it was off to the airport for me to come home to my family who was missing me dearly.

I got home & my daughter was still auditioning for a part in a play thru a local theatre company, so I cleaned up & than my daughter & son gave me my Mother’s Day gifts, my daughter made me a cute story book promising me a trip to Banff or Canmore this weekend, she even had it laminated!

Card #1, I think she made this one in school, notice her blue eyes, red hair & my curly hair!

Card #2

A school memo board that they made in class, took 3 days to make & they even sanded it before painting, I thought this was a great present, I love it!

Last Thursday my son’s class had a Mother’s Day party for us complete with snacks & punch, songs & story telling, they presented us with our gifts, a lovely poem & cup with “something” they planted themselves!

My son with his poem.

The potted plant.

The kid’s got to have popsicles!

After dinner we hung out & than we watched the finale of Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives & watched Michael J. Fox: Adventures of an Incurable Optimist, did anyone else watch this, what a fantastic show, this man is AMAZING.

So that has been what I have been up to the last few days.

Kara, if you are reading this, which I know you will…eventually, know that I love you & I miss you & I can’t wait to see you again in 4 weeks & I hope you don’t mind me sharing just a little bit about you & how special you are to me!

April 12

Easter and weekend events…

My kid’s have been on Spring / Easter Break since April 10th. The last few days have been very BUSY.

Thursday night I spent it making Easter egg tubes, Friday AM I went for a nice walk while my daughter rode her bike along with me, than I took my daughter and her friend to see Hannah Montana: The Movie, it was actually an OK movie! I also liked a couple of songs from her soundtrack, is that lame or what???

Than I got my daughter’s hair cut, than it was time to come home.

Saturday I had to run into town and finish some Easter stuff, look at the cute flower bouquet I bought for my SIL.

Lookey at my Easter bouquet that my friend Stacey gave me, I’m feel so spoiled and loved, aren’t they gorgeous? They just make me happy and they smell divine! 

I thought this was a cool picture, I just love, love the color of this lily!

I was home by Noon and than my daughter had a friend over, my son had a friend over, and the neighbors were over playing, we all played outside and enjoyed the gorgeous weather, made a trip to the park with 5 crazy kids!!!, it was an all day play day…exhausting!

This is what happens when you have kid’s running in and out of your house going to the bathroom, there is bound to be an injury…

an almost beheaded Webkinz reindeer!!!

and today…Easter Sunday, this AM we got up early and ran around like crazy people and than we picked up my daughter’s friend and off we went to a Massive Easter Egg Hunt here in Airdrie at Nose Creek Park, it was great, 30,000 easter eggs, face painting, jumpy things, magician, hot dogs, pop and chips and gorgeous weather.

Than we came home so I could finish up my Easter cards, had an impromptu scavenger hunt that my daughter and her friend and put together Saturday, but, the timing really wasn’t great, we were trying to race out the door so we wouldn’t be late getting to my SIL’s to celebrate Easter with our annual Easter egg hunt and yummy dinner.

Today has been an absolute wonderful day, a real blessing.

I hope you and your family had a wonderfully, blessed Easter.

I am now absolutely, blessedly tired! Tomorrow will be a day of rest!

Have a good one and thanks for visiting and reading my ramblings!

March 6


I just finished watching this movie with my hubby & I just had to blog about it, this is a FANTASTIC movie, we both really, really enjoyed it, I can’t wait to watch it AGAIN.


“Whether your marriage is hanging by a thread or healthy and strong, The Love Dare is a journey you need to take.”

February 22

Girls Weekend…

in Vancouver with 4 gals that I have been friends with FOREVER! I just got back tonight from a super weekend with friend’s that I have known for over 20 years.

I flew out Friday afternoon, my wonderful husband played single dad all weekend (he is so wonderful!), he even cleaned the house before I got home…so lucky :} , I got into Abbotsford around 1PM & Kara & I went & did a bit of shopping & than went back to her place to get ready, we all met for dinner at Milestones, had a couple of drinks (I haven’t probably had a drink in like 8 years!!!), had a yummy dinner, chatted, caught up on each other’s life’s than we went to the casino, I have not been to a casino except Vegas which was probably 8 years or so ago! I’m not a gambler but, I decided to try my luck, I put $20 in the nickel machines & cashed out with just over $200 in less than 10 minutes! after that 2 of my friends & I decided to go to the lounge & listen to the band, they were very, very good, so we danced for a while & than we went home around 1AM, crashed around 2AM, up at 8AM (argh!) & than my friend Kara & I went for a long walk to Starbuck’s for a latte & conversation, than we went & did some more shopping, & than we went to see He’s Just Not that into you. A really, cute, fun movie, what a stacked cast. After that we walked again & it was straight uphill the whole freakin’ time (for about 35 mins)!!! Geez! That evening we just hung out watched the hockey game & some UFC, had dinner together & went to bed really early!!! This AM we woke up & went for breakfast at White Spot & than Kara & I looked around some more…wasting time, went for another latte & than it was off to the airport to come home, I was so glad to be home to see the kid’s & my hubby, I miss them so much but, I already miss Kara!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous Friday & Saturday. Thanks Kara & Jim for having me out, it was sooo good to see you both, see you in 2!

Kara & I have been best friends since 1986, we went to high school together, we are indeed like sisters. No matter where we live we have always managed to keep our relationship “real” & close.

Kara & Marlene, we have been friends with Marlene & her 2 sisters for at least 20 years.

Marlene & Me.

Jules, Marlene, Me & Liz (they are sisters).

Marlene, Me & Liz.

It’s amazing, I haven’t seen “The Girls” in a long, long time with the exception of Kara who I visited in September. It’s amazing how we can all just pick up where we left off & be totally comfortable with each other & have so much fun together, it’s like I never left & no matter where our lives take each other I know I can always count on these wonderful, wonderful woman. My friendship with these ladies will last a lifetime & I can only hope that one day my children have amazing friendships like these.

Liz is getting married in June & I look forward to attending her wedding.

Well I should get ready & go to bed as the kid’s are back to school this week, thank goodness & I have a full week ahead of me, especially since I have birthday preparations for my daughter!