May 15

Sequin Easter eggs…

Sequin Easter Eggs

Just before Easter I was looking for some fun, easy crafts for Taylor and I to pass the time while she is at home.

I found some pictures on Pinterest of these really beautiful sequin Easter eggs…off I went to buy the supplies to make a WHOLE bunch of Easter eggs (very reasonably priced I might add)!

I got home and started making my first egg…than my second…that that was IT! OH MY gosh…soooo incredibly time consuming!!!

Never again!

June 30

Tea Bag holder…

Front of Tea Bag Holder

Back of Tea Bag Holder

I made these cute, quilted tea bag holders for my Steeped Tea party yesterday as a Thank You for coming to my tea party!

I poured enough Steeped Tea into a bag to make one cup of tea and try the Irish Breakfast Black Tea.

August 12

Bridal shower FUN for my BFF…

On July 6th, 2013 I was part of something fun, I helped organize and plan my BFF’s bridal shower / stagette.

Her wedding colors are Fuschia and Cream with black if needed!

So I made these cute napkin holders to coordinate with her wedding colors.

I found out that folding napkins, origami style is NOT my “calling”!!! in life.

Napkin holders