November 24

24: Redemption

Anyone out there a 24 fan??? Did you watch 24: Redemption last night? Did you know that if you missed it or you don’t have a PVR than you can buy it tomorrow on DVD…is that not insane???

My hubby & I watched it last night, it was good, pretty disturbing story line though. I guess this movie will intertwine with Season 7 which is good because I cannot remember for the life of me how Season 6 ended but, now we have to wait till January 11th for Season 7 to start up. You can watch the trailer here. Looks pretty good, 2 nights, 4 hour Season Premiere.

I remember how we got hooked on 24, we were actually on vacation in Mexico in April of 2002, my daughter had just turned 2 & when it was too hot or we wanted to rest we would go back to our room & hang out for a while while my daughter napped, well this is how we found 24, as soon as we got home from vacation we purchased Season 1 & watched it all very quickly! we wanted to catch up before Season 2 started which was easy to do since the first Season captivated us immediately!

Well enough about 24! I have been busy finishing up projects for Christmas & I have started decorating for Christmas at home, I am hoping to take pics of everything tomorrow so I can start posting what I have been working on, so I hope you come back & visit!

Have a great night!