December 19


Nature’s superfood!

Have you ever tried it? I finally did at Booster Juice this AM, (new store opened up in Airdrie – very excited)! I heard that it tastes nasty, Booster Juice actually gives you a choice of a Pineapple or Orange Juice chaser to go with it. So this AM my hubby & I decided to try a 1 oz shot which is equivalent to 2 1/2 lbs of leafy, green vegetables. It didn’t taste that bad, but, it wasn’t great either! It has a sweet taste to it actually. The girl that works at Booster Juice told me to swish it inside my mouth for about 10 seconds as it acts like an antiseptic, good for colds & keeping colds away, so I did as I was told because guess what??? I am sick again!!! Heck, we might try to figure out to grow some & make my own shot glass of wheatgrass every AM now!

Loaded with vitamins, chlorophyll, and enzymes, Wheatgrass is a perfect SHOT to remove toxins and boost your immune system. In fact, this powerful antioxidant is nature’s most complete live food!

FAST FACT: WHEATGRASS can improve your complexion and cleanse the body – even boosting your metabolism! (info from a pamplet from Booster Juice).

Booster Juice Wheatgrass information

Wikipedia Wheatgrass information

November 26

How to have the thriftiest holiday ever…

I’m sure you have all heard about Oprah’s Favorite Things show that she puts on every holiday season, well this year it was a little bit different, it was How to have the Thriftiest Holiday ever, since alot of us are trying to find way’s to save money due to our struggling economy (think recession) Oprah thought it would be great to show how we can give things from our heart.

I haven’t watched Oprah in a long, long time but, I kept hearing on our radio station about the show today & how people were not all that happy about being in her audience since in previous years she gave away ALOT of amazing gifts, well I think they missed the point.

Here is some things I wrote down in case you missed the show & I’m sure you can go to to watch the show & see all the neat things she talked about.

Gratitude Boxes – when you have your family & friends over for Christmas dinner put boxes at each place setting & than after dinner have your guests write heartfelt sentiments to eachother & than you put them in their boxes & when they leave for the evening they each will have a beautiful box to take home with them.

Ideas: “My Holiday Wish for You”, “What I love about you”, “Thank you for…”

You can download the cards here, so all you have to do is print them out & cut them out.

You can also download some Holiday Hits from Oprah’s website found here & CD cover & label.

Treasure Boxes – purchase a treasure box or something cool to hold all of your kid’s artwork, mementos, etc that you have kept over the years, decorate the box, do whatever you like. I thought this was a wonderful idea, you could even start it now & have something to store everything in so your kid’s can look thru it as they are growing up, I know this is something my kid’s would absolutely love.

“The words from your heart mean more to people than anything you can buy.”  – Oprah Winfrey

September 25

Vampire Weekend…

Have you heard of them? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this group. My hubby found them & now I walk every AM listening to this album.

Oxford Comma is my fav, fav song, you can listen to it here, there is the “F” word in the song two or three times, so if you find this offensive than listen to the second song, Oxford Comma is the only song with a swear word in it.

Oxford Comma

A Punk

Really, you need to listen to the whole album, it just ROCKS!!!! I haven’t loved an album from beginning to end for a long, long time! Their music has also been featured on Beverly Hills 90210.

August 11

A new blogger…

I was contacted by Kevin from Stamping With Kevin, he is the first MALE Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, he has been a demo for over 12 years!!! He just attended his 13th Convention! He just started blogging, & I would love for ALL of you to go & visit him & say Hi! He will start posting more of his projects soon. Click HERE to visit Kevin!

April 11

My Favorite Things…

If you haven’t already heard Scrapbooker’s Paradise is now caring My Favorite Things. I am soooo freakin’ excited. It was just last week that I was emailing Kim to see if there was a cheaper way to ship here, it’s a little expensive when you only want to buy 1 or 2 stamps & low & behold they are being sold here! So if you like their stamps you better run over there before they are all gone!

March 26

Do the Hula…

Does anyone out there have this 2005 retired Stampin’ Up! set that is just collecting dust on their shelf or in their cupboard. Well I really want to buy it than! Please email me if you do & if you will mail to Canada (if your not already here!).