December 27

Christmas Review…

**SIGH** Christmas is now over, it was a nice, quiet, very low-key Christmas but, I am glad it’s over now. No more rushing around, no more deadlines, no more countdowns! & for this I am thankful.

I am glad that the kid’s are home for another week, we will just hang around & enjoy our time together & decompress.

Here are some pics from Christmas:

I thought this was a very cool gift, it’s a Solar System Mobile, the sun lights up while the planets go around & there is a remote control, I know my hubby thought this was a great gift too!

Our son received 2 gifts from Santa, he opened another one first which was a digital camera & he was in tears because this was not what he had asked Santa for, we quickly assured him there was another one & when he opened this one he flopped to the floor & said, “whew” now I’m happy! This is all he had asked Santa for: Super Mario Partners in Time for his DS.

Our daughter had asked Santa for a pink DS Lite.

DS games to go with her pink DS Lite.

A quiet moment…

I had watched Oprah’s show in which she cooked a turkey dinner with Cristina Ferrare. I thought it looked yummy so my hubby & I made this turkey with Cristina’s receipe found here and I also made her stuffing found here. Everything tasted really, really yummy, the lemon was a little overwhelming at the end, but, the marinade was really good & we also, made the gravy from scratch which was a first for us. I don’t have a great history with cooking poultry so of course this dinner did not go without some kind of trouble, the turkey took forever to cook (a 15 lb turkey for 4 people, 2 of which were kid’s!) & so did the stuffing, it took FOREVER to cook, but, in the end it was all good, we also, ate it last night for leftovers, now I’m done!!!

Eating our yummy turkey!

Boxing Day we went to my in-laws for brunch & gift opening for the kid’s.

Our daughter got this amazing easel & an extra kit with paints, etc in it. She is very excited, she loves to draw & paint & is becoming quite the artist!

Our son received a digital Spidey watch in his stocking, best $2 I ever spent! He even sleeps with it on.

My hubby LOVES chocolate so every Christmas he gets this massive, jumbo chocolate bar, I think it was like 10 lbs or something!

It didn’t actually snow on Christmas Day but, we certainly have more than enough snow for a white Christmas.


Our son the little gamer, I can only hope that one day he will be the designer behind all these games!

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  1. By Katou on

    I know now why Santa arrive late on my side,he spent too much time on yours.
    Have, you and your little family a very merry Christmas time.

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