1. By Marie Donnelly on

    The Raspberry Sensation looks yummy! I went to the Kraft website…. did you see someone had posted a comment saying that the sorbet thawed out way before the pudding and ended up a big mess? Did you have that problem? Gee, it sure looks delicious! Anyway, I’ve printed it and can’t wait to try it! Thanks!

  2. By Michelle (Post author) on

    Hi Marie

    Actually, I didn’t have a problem at all, when I took it out of the freezer it was hard as a “rock” so I actually left it out for about 15-20 mins before I could cut it, it also depends how hot it is outside for sure.

  3. By Patricia Kaliciak on

    LOVE your Project Life-Food. . .

  4. By Laurie Raiche on

    I’m Bobbi jo’s sister and I’m tring to find the Sense of Time stamp set from Stampin up. I don’t know if you sell their product or not but was wondering if you could help me or know someone that has one to sell.
    Thanks Laurie

  5. By Better Buzz Coffee on

    Thank you for the kind words about Better Buzz on your blog post when you visited San Diego! We are pleased you enjoyed your drink and service. Let us know next time you are in town and we will be sure to return the favor.

    Thanks again and happy buzzin’.
    Better Buzz Team

  6. By Lisa konther on

    Hello Sorry I don’t have Facebook I found you this way.
    I wanted to get ahold of you 🙂
    Kaila and I ran into Kara and her boyfriend last week in walmart. I gave her my email, but she may have forgotten to email me her information.
    Miss you, we are good Kaila, Alexis and Sheldon and I live in Coquitlam now.
    Please let me know how you all are so I can send pictures 🙂

    Your friend always no matter how far apart we have gotten.

  7. By Melanni Partridge on

    Michelle!! I just saw your blog for the first time thanks to your Facebook link. Love it!

    I have a question. What is Faithbooking?

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