September 2

Fresh Homemade Wonton Soup…

Wonton Soup (not my recipe – from an old friend)

1 package of Wonton Wrappers

1 lb Lean Ground Pork

2 tsp brown sugar

2 tbsp rice wine or vinegar

2 tbsp soy sauce

2 tsp green onions

2 tsp ginger root

1/2 tsp Chinese 5 Spice

1 egg

1/2 tsp Sesame Oil


1. Mix all ingredients & let sit for 25 minutes or overnight

2. To make Wontons fill with 1/2-1 tsp of filling per Wonton, put in middle of wrapper & fold over like a triangle using water on your finger as a “glue”

3. Bring 2 cans of Chicken Broth to a boil, add peas, wontons, green onions, ginger & sesame oil, adjust the chicken broth to how many wontons you put in, cook 5-10 minutes until the wonton is wrinkly & slimy!

I used just over 1 lb of lean ground pork & I stopped filling wontons about 1/2 way thru (very tedious & 1 hr later)! I than freezed remaining mixture in a Ziploc baggie for next time. I than cooked how many Wontons I needed & left the other Wontons on the cookie sheet & stuck them in the freezer on parchment paper, once they are frozen stick them in a Ziploc baggie & freeze & than you can pull them out & cook from frozen.

They may look grosse! but, they are yummy & much better for you than buying them already made.

Once you have the Wontons made ahead of time you can pull them out of the freezer for lunch or dinner in a zip!

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  1. By Shawn on

    Looks yummy, but also looks like WAY too much work for me!! But I will keep it in mind, I may get gutsy and try it once!!

  2. By Maggie on

    Gee Won-Ton is my fave! Thanks for the recipe

  3. By debbie henry on

    I love the easy home made soup recipe, I make the wontons when I have the time to spare, then make soup when I want to enjoy a quick lunch

  4. By Mary-Anne on

    I do the same. Make a whole lot of wontons, then freeze them. When I need a quick lunch or supper, I just pull them out of the freezer and simmer in a chicken/green onion broth.

  5. By darlene deramo on

    sounds simple enough ive been wanting to try it for some time now i bought the wonton wrappers today and im looking forward to getting started perhaps in the morning

  6. By Michelle Schaefer on

    This was awesome…I changed up the ingredients a bit but totally loved the folding the wontons in half. I used to put the filling in the middle and pull the wonton up from each side…this way cooks much better! And for those of you that think its a lot of work…its really not that bad…especially if you make enough to freeze…makes for a really quick dinner next time. Better yet, have a bunch of friends over for a wonton making party…everyone makes their own…freeze then on cookie sheets…by the time everyone is ready to go home they have a frozen bag to take home…and everyone had fun!

  7. By viv edwards on

    Has anyone tried putting ground up left-over turkey in wonton wrappers and dropping them in a pot of boiling chicken stock? It sounds like a way of using up some of the left-overs.

  8. By Shelley Eely on

    i just made them this morning…..wish me luck

  9. By Amber on

    Very good soup it is very easy to make and I am only 13 years old I did not put the peas in and it was very good

  10. By Amber on

    I love this recipe i am 14 and this recipe is so easy i have made it lots thanx

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