May 12

Mother’s Day…

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These 2 “crazy” kid’s are what my Mother’s Day is all about…oh, how I love these 2 with all my heart, they are my world…my everything & soon enough they too will understand the love that a Mother has for their children.

Yesterday, we all got up nice & early after having our sleep over in the living from Family Fun Day (although I was able to sneek upstairs to sleep in my bed!), the kid’s gave me their presents, very cute stuff they made at school with cards, I also got the new Stephenie Meyer book…”The Host”, it’s very big but, it will keep me busy until the 4th book of the Twilight series comes out, I have never read a Sci Fi book I don’t think, so it should be interesting. I can’t wait to start reading it, but, I have to finish another book first, I also got 2 scrapbooking magazines, hubby made me breakfast, than we just hung out for a bit until we went out & did some errands, than later in the afternoon we were off to my in-laws for a yummy BBQ steak dinner with a DQ Ice Cream Cake, it was a great, family day. We than came home & hubby & I watched P.S. I Love You – what a sad movie, but, it was good & I had a great cry!

I hope you all had a wonderful day as much as I did.

I know I have been posting more “family” stuff than “other” stuff, I am currently working on stuff, so as soon as I am able to post it I will…so be patient!

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My name is Michelle Nadraszky and I live in Calgary, AB CANADA, I am originally from Vancouver, BC but have been in Calgary now for 9 years. I am a Stay at Home Mom to 2 beautiful kids...Taylor who is 6 1/2 and Jaiden who is 3 years old. I have been married to Billy for 8 years. I work part-time in a Call Centre. I have been a Stampin' Up! demonstrator for 2 1/2 years. I love everything about Stampin' Up! - I am highly addicted to it! I have been stamping and scrapbooking for about 4 years now and I am constantly amazed by the talent that I see on a daily basis. Besides Cardmaking, Scrapbooking and Papercrafting I love to watch reality TV, Grey's Anatomy, ER, Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives and Miami Ink (I personally have 5 tattoos)!


  1. By Alexandra Hobson on

    They are adorable Michelle, you are right – that is what it is all about! Glad to hear you had such a wonderful day!


  2. By JustAnsa on

    Oh my gosh!!!
    It sounds like you spent Mothers Day at MY house!!!
    It was my sons 19th bday so we had ice cream cake from DQ because it’s the ONLY cake my kids will pick for their bday cake! and…..I watched PS I love you with my daughter..and cried..and cried..and cried….
    and laughed..and then cried….LOL
    Love your blog.

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