August 3

Movies & A Storm…

On Saturday night my in-laws came over to watch the kid’s so my hubby & I could spend a little “quiet” time together for a belated anniversary date, so we went for dinner & went to see Funny People.


Very, very funny movie but, of course true to some of Adam Sandler’s movies it was very crude but, we laughed alot of course & surprisingly it was a very long movie, almost 2 1/2 hours.

Than last night we watched Confessions of a Shopaholic on DVD.


Totally a cute movie!

Yesterday we had a thunderstorm watch all day, we went to sleep just after 11PM I guess & was rudely awakened to a nasty, NASTY thunderstorm, within minutes of getting all the windows shut & pulling our garbage can in so it didn’t fly down the street we experienced the worst hail storm that I have ever heard or seen in the 12 years I have lived in Alberta, oh my, our bedroom windows are on the North side of the house & the way the wind was blowing¬† & the¬† size of the hail I was sure that our bedroom windows were going to crack right open, it was soooo loud we had to take refuge on the other side of the house in the kid’s bedrooms, I tell you I was scared S******, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, if the roof of our house was going to blow off, if our trampoline was going to go flying across the field, the windows were going to crack, the siding & our car which is parked outside I was sure was going to have hail damage, well after the hail, it poured & the lightening was just insane, we were awake for about 40 mins, I got up at about 7AM this morning to survey the damage, no hail damage but, our garden & flowers & our bleeding heart bush were totalled.


The hail right outside our front door.


My front porch planters totalled.



Front flower bed.



My flower pot that was full of blooms yesterday.


My bleeding heart bush.


Top of bleeding heart bush.

I heard that Calgary wasn’t hit that bad…is this true?

Well that’s what’s going on here, I will wait till tomorrow or ??? to clean up our yard, it’s suppose to be rainey & cold here all week.

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  1. By Nancy E on

    We got hit up in the NW… wind was awful, lots of lightning, some hail…. not as much hail as in your pictures (no hail left this morning). It was freakin’ scary though!!

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