August 18

San Diego Day 3…

We all seem to be sleeping in till about 7:30AM Pacific time which is 8:30AM Mountain time which is good, we are all wiped when are heads hit the pillows!

We got up had leftovers for breakfast than we went swimming for a bit, it was overcast so a bit to cold for me! I know I’m wimpy :} So I went back to the hotel room & got ready for our day than the kid’s came back & we all got ready, packed up all our stuff, loaded the car up, checked out of our hotel & headed to Sea World, we ended up buying 1 kid’s ticket for $35 for 2 days, they ran out at our first hotel, so that sucked, so we payed $55 for the rest of us for 2 days, still not a bad deal. Right now they have a deal adults pay kid’s price & you get 1 day for free. The crowds were not bad at all (not like Disneyland) & the temperature was nice. The first show we went to was Sea Lions Live, what a cute show!

Sea Lions

The show used music from alot of TV Shows, it was funny!

Than we went to the Shark encounter, my son was soooo excited, he was sooo excited, he has been talking about it for a while, it was pretty cool especially when you went underground & got to walk thru a tunnel with the water above you & great white shark’s swimming over you.

The next show was The Shamu Show Believe, you need to get there about 30-45 mins before the show, there is a line up to get in, the kid’s wanted to sit in the soak zone, thankfully it was warm out & the sun was beating on our back’s because we got SOAKED!!! We brought a change of clothes for the kid’s thankfully.

We didn’t get that many pics of Shamu yet because we sat in the soak zone & I didn’t want to have my camera out because I didn’t know when we would be getting wet, it turns out that I could have had it out most of the time but, we will be going back Wednesday to watch the night show called Shamu Rocks & we will NOT be sitting in the soak zone.

Shamu Believe was an amazing show, it was beautiful, to tell you the truth I was even tearing up! Than later I found out that my hubby was too, I said oh, so it wasn’t just me & he said nope! There is a story to the show & just the interaction between human & whale was just unbelievable so that’s why we will definately be going back on Wednesday.

I do have a pic of what the stage looks like though:

Shamu Believe

T & J with Shamu

My daughter & son with the biggest Shamu ever!

J with Whale tale

My son with a whale tale necklace, he said he “had” to have it so that he can be a trainer someday, you need to see the show to understand the whale tale necklace! He is pretty smitten with Shamu now.

Than we went & visited the sea lions where you can feed them but, me personally I wasn’t about to pay $6 for 1 fish to feed 1 sea lion & with 2 kid’s I’d have to buy 2, crazy! It was crazy though, they would come right up to the glass & “stand” up so that they could be fed.

Sea Lion

The last show we saw for the day was Dolphin Discovery, again we were in the splash zone but, we were in row 9 or something so thankfully we didn’t get wet but, I was scared, the first 6 rows got SOAKED! by the time we realized how wet you could get it was too late to move.

Another spectacular show, my daughter really, really wanted to see this show & of course I love dolphins too, it was well worth the wait.



Dolphin & trainer before the show…warming up!


Dolphin discovery lighthouse

Dolphin Discovery lighthouse.

We spent 7 hours at Sea World today! I was beat. After the shows the kid’s spent some time in a giant play area, some crazy, mad obstacle & went on a couple of rides. It wasn’t just about the shows we saw today we saw some exhibits also like the Clydesdale horses.

After Sea World we checked into our 2nd hotel for the rest of our time in San Diego, the Comfort Inn & Suites Hotel Circle / Sea World, we got a kid’s suite again this time with a full kitchen so it will be good to be able to cook up some meals, there are 2 BBQ’s on site that we can use too. They also have a big continental breakfast included in our room rate which is great but, I never understand why the room never looks like the room I see in the pics on the internet! & why the carpet / floor is never clean (yuck), if you go bare foot your feet are always black…gagging!

The room again is nothing spectacular, the kid’s have bunk beds & we have a Queen size bed, we haven’t slept in a Queen size bed in a while so it was a little cramped!!! Our room is definately smaller than I thought it would be.

After we checked in the kid’s went swimming very quickly since it was dark & cooler out & than we grabbed a bite to eat came back to the room & crashed.

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  1. By Bobbi-Jo G. on

    I’ve been loving reading about your trip!! This post made me especially envious – I would LOVE to see a dolphin show live! *sigh*

    And HAVEN’T you seen JAWS 3?? Where he (or rather SHE) busts through the underwater tunnel at sea world?! 😉

  2. By Cheryl on

    I love your blog. Just curious how I can make one/find one like yours with pics between journaling. What a great journal!!

  3. By Shawn on

    I didn’t ever sit in the soak zone.. you are a brave brave lady!

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