November 22



I have anxiously awaited the Twilight Movie, I pre purchased my tickets about a week ago & my friend & I went to see the 9:45PM showing tonight. I didn’t have “high” expectations of the movie as the saying goes usually if you have read the book, the movie isn’t as good, & I had read some not so great reviews. I liked the movie, it was good but, not spectacular, the books were still way better but, the movie is worth seeing. A couple of things I realized tonight is: Robert Pattison is a cutey, Kristen Stewart makes a good Bella and they have great chemistry together, there wasn’t much of a story line involving Jacob (I’m not sure this is how I “expected” Jacob to look!), I pictured Bella’s dad being “older” looking, I think their house was pretty true to the book but, not the Cullen’s house, I had a different picture in my head, the makeup to make the Cullen’s “Vampire Like” could have been better, it took some getting use to, it was a little too “white” for my liking!!! when I saw Carlisle for the first time I thought I was going to burst out laughing…OK, so that’s more than a couple…oh, & I am definately “TEAM EDWARD” now!!!

I’m definately looking forward to some more Twilight Movies. 

If you want to see what Rotten Tomatoes has to say about it click here.

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  1. By Shawn on

    I agree with the makeup for the vampires.. I about laughed at Carlisle because he looked SO young.. I liked the movie, but not like I thought I would..
    I was OK with Edward.. but in my mind he was way cuter!!

  2. By Jill C on

    I saw Twilight last night, and I also didn’t have high expectations because of my love of the books. I really enjoyed the movie, but in my head it was my knowledge of the book that helped with things not shown in the movie. I also laughed at how young Carlisle was. Overall I give it too thumbs up. Yea for vampires!

  3. By Jaimie on

    I’m going to see it next weekend. I’ve read the books since Twilight was first released and was a huge Team Jacob fan. I always thought the actor Steven Strait would make a perfect Jacob. I really would have liked Gaspard Ulliel as Edward. I don’t like Kristen Stewart, so I don’t have high hopes for her, I think that Demi Lovato or Missy Peregrym would have better Bella’s. I’m very skeptical on the movie, but I’ll still go see it…

  4. By Shawn on

    I saw it a 2nd time and liked it much better the 2nd time.. there was sooo much I missed the 1st time thru…
    How can anyone not be tEAM EDWARD at this point..???

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