May 30

Weekend stuff…so far

This weekend has been absolutely gorgeous & warm in Calgary, lovely, the kid’s have been playing from morning till night outside & we have been airing our home out but, at the same time welcoming lots & lots of dust in!

I picked up my daughter from school Friday & was able to see their butterfly project, her class has been raising butterflies right from the very beginning stages starting with the caterpillar, it’s very cool everything they have done & they will be able to release all the butterflies this week at school.

Sorry, for the poor color, I was having a heck of a time!

Friday after my daughter finished school I took them for lunch than we went to see the movie Up with my daughter’s friend & Mom, we saw it in 3-D, there really wasn’t alot of 3-D I didn’t think, the previews had more, it was an OK movie, rather sad actually…kinda sad when you see a time line of the way life may be for one in a nutshell but, it did have some funny parts.

after the movie we came home & than I took the kid’s to go buy my daughter a new bike, she was very excited & has been riding her wee little heart out!

This AM my daughter & I went out early in the AM for a little bit of shopping, than it was off to soccer, than ice cream at DQ, than the kid’s & I went for a long, hot walk, well I walked & the kid’s rode their bikes, than my daughter made us a nice, simple dinner of spaghetti & sauce with sliced cuke’s…& the kid’s continue to play.

I bought a new 50mm lens for our camera today, here are some pics I took, still fooling around, getting use to not being able to zoom, etc…I know it can take great portrait pictures but, it takes getting use to that’s for sure, I got some very, very blurry backgrounds!!!

Soccer today.

My daughter not at all impressed with me!

My son playing on a rock.

A vintage wash.

My handsome hubby.

Cute toes.

Fooling around on Dad’s shoulders. Vintage wash.

and than after a full day of playing this is what my son looks like!!!

Dirt…head to toe!

Vintage wash.

Now a funny, conversation went like this to my son:

Where’s your Monster trucks?

In the tree…he replies

the tree? what the heck?

with some help from my daughter but of course!

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