March 8

Wintery storm…

I “sent” my hubby out late this AM to take some pics of all the snow, I couldn’t figure out why he was taking so long, so he finally comes home with a honey garlic hot rod, I said what the ???, how did you get that? since he left home without his wallet, he “smirks”, well these 2 guys flagged me down on the side of the road wanting to know where the liquor store is, my hubby said “oh, it’s just a couple of blocks over that way, he says hop in I’ll drive you there (this is so my hubby), they jump in the minivan, no jackets on, wearing jeans, it’s -16C out & we have tonnes of snow, my hubby said they just stunk of alcohol, they had been drinking since Friday, that’s when they lost their jackets, so my hubby takes them to the liquor store, waits for them, the guy comes back with the hot rod & says “oh, I hate to ask you this but, can you drive us back? sure, my hubby says, no problem…you aren’t wearing any jackets…crazy, crazy story!!! & they were wondering what my hubby was doing out…my wife sent me out to take pics…really? yep, & than my hubby takes a pic of these 2 guys…for your amusement here is their pic! (wouldn’t they “die” if they knew that their pic was now all over the internet…probably not, they probably won’t remember anything tomorrow morning…sad really.

and here are some wintery snow pictures!

The pics aren’t the greatest for “beauty” but, my hubby couldn’t get into any of the parks around Airdrie as the City is plowing everything & making a little tricky to get into the parks right now.

Have a super “warm” day!

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  1. By Kathy Brown on

    Michelle, First off, love the winter cards. Love the colors and just the plain layout!! They ROCK. And second, I live near Nashville, TN and last weekend there was snow. We only saw a dusting where I live and this weekend it’s in the 70’s……….lovin’ it! This is one place where you can see all 4 seasons in one day. I love looking at the snow that others have and take pictures of but have no desires to have it here. Thanks for showing the snow pics and the cards.

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