July 28

Yet another move…almost done

We have completed our move…almost! We started moving last Tuesday with movers coming in to move our heavy stuff, than Wednesday we rented a moving truck & Billy & I played movers yet again while my in-laws kindly took our kid’s to Heritage Park for the day (the whole day!). Billy & I were the only ones moving our stuff, it was so very tiring, I have never climbed so many stairs in all my life! Good workout I guess. Well in the end it took us over 11 hours to complete the move, that was the very end when we dropped off the moving truck. Thank goodness for my in-laws, they came back to our new house & gave the kid’s bath’s & got them ready for bed so that Billy & I could finish unloading the 2nd load (a smaller load) & return the truck rental. I spent most of this day feeling quite sick. Thursday we spent the day unpacking & getting internet & phone installed, Friday more unpacking. Saturday more unpacking & installing satellite. Sunday was a much more “relaxed” day finishing up little things, like the 5 loads of laundry I had to do because I hadn’t done laundry for almost a week, I usually do laundry every other day, hanging pictures, etc. I think really I was unpacked within the first day or two, than after that it was little things, we still have to finish the basement…organizing, but, it’s not so bad. My craft room is all ready to go…I couldn’t believe that I was able to get it all organized, I believe I’m still missing a couple of boxes though, somewhere in the basement! I couldn’t fit everything into my room, I have alot of boxes downstairs that will stay down there for a bit, than I will go thru everything again & have a big sale. It’s so much nicer to be “above ground”, I have a nice big window now with natural light, it’s wonderful! There are still alot of “little” things to get done, but, nothing to bad & we still have to clean our old house this week. So I’m hoping sometime soon that I will be able to craft…if I haven’t lost my mojo yet! I’m starting to wonder if it will go on a permanent hiatus!

Saturday Billy & I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary, we were very tired of course, so I wasn’t really up to doing much, but, again my in-laws came over & took care of the kid’s & Billy & I were able to sneek away & see The Dark Knight, a great movie, but, about a 1/2 hr to long. Heath Ledger was awesome as the Joker. Earlier in the day we also went Anniversary Band shopping at Spence Diamonds here in Calgary, so I have my ring all picked out, we just have to go back & order it…very exciting.

The Dark Night

It’s definately been a very busy, stressful week with moving & of course entertaining the kid’s. I’m sure it’s very boring for them, they have definately made that quite clear to me in their behavior! So I’m now hoping that in a few days we can really enjoy the rest of the Summer…what’s left of it, one upside of moving is that the kid’s won’t be starting school till after the Labor Day weekend instead of in 2 weeks if we still lived in the same house, so we have a little bit more time together.

This is our 8th move in 11 years & I absolutely hate moving!!!

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  1. By Bobbi-Jo Grunewald on

    Oh, I hear ya. I detest moving. I’m sure we won’t be in this house forever, which means another move in the future, but I’m not looking forward to it. But, isn’t it some small consolation to know that there is just over 4 days left until Breaking Dawn?!?!? LOL!

  2. By Shawn on

    OK, I hate moving too.. But I live with the Moving Nazi who was terrible to live with as we moved.. all in all, I think I was glad that it was always pack pack pack!!!
    And Bobbi-Jo is right!!! 4 days til the book.. I have re read them and on the 3rd run.. almost done for the 3rd time too.. I keep getting different stuff out of it.. I am still Team Edward.. but.. I think I could be swayed…

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